Wi-Fi connections can be a curse.

For some, Wi-Fi is the best thing ever invented. They like it so much that they don’t see any other option to connect their devices within a local network or to the internet. Consoles, laptops, security systems,… everything via Wi-Fi is great, they tell me. I go against them and I answer that Wi-Fi is a curse.

Okay, it’s not a complete and blunt curse. Wireless connections and among them Wi-Fi has allowed us to work more comfortably and have some products that would not make sense without it. But many users have not known how to stop and assess which option is the most appropriate, with which they could get the most out of it or simply avoid problems.

Why abuse wifi when you can use an ethernet cable

In everyday situations, when you visit a family member or friend, that’s when you start to see how wrong some users are. And I say this because it is something similar to settling for the router that your operator “gives” you or investing and buying a better one.

Wi-Fi connections can be a curse

In many homes there are devices that offer wireless connection and also via cable. The problem is that, even if they are not going to be moved, most opt ​​for wireless instead of using an ethernet cable. It is true that there are situations in which “pulling” a cable from the router to that point is not comfortable or it is many meters. But it is something we should try.

A wired connection is not only more stable but in most cases faster as it is easier to find equipment with a gigabit ethernet connection instead of Wifi ac (the most recent standard). In addition to other problems that limit speeds when connecting via Wi-Fi, such as interference or distance.

Wi-Fi connections can be a curse

Abusing the Wi-Fi connection is not only a problem for you, but also for neighbors who will see how their Wi-Fi networks are affected by using the same frequencies

All this without counting that if we all abuse Wi-Fi networks, we end up saturating most frequencies. Something that generates problems such as interference and decreased performance in general.

Wi-Fi connections can be a curse

By maximizing the number of devices that we connect by cable, we are going to achieve the following improvements:

  • We will have a less saturated wireless network, facilitating the transfer to devices that do connect, such as smartphones or tablets.
  • The transfer speed of devices connected by ethernet will improve.
  • Interference from other Wi-Fi networks will not affect.
  • We get more security.

As you can see, a local network and internet connection via cable is always the best option. If you can use it, do so, even if it’s a device like a laptop. You can always use an ethernet cable in that location (desk) where you spend the most time and leave the wifi option for when you go to the living room with it. And if you don’t have or can run an ethernet cable, PLCs are very capable solutions.

Wi-Fi connections can be a curse

If you don’t want to give up the comfort of Wi-Fi, at least try to take advantage of the 5Hz frequency. This one is less saturated and will avoid problems. You only have to acquire a router capable of broadcasting on it and that your devices are compatible. Worth. That or use some apps to improve performance.

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