We’ve been hearing rumors for years about a Mac with an Apple-designed processor, and it looks like the long-awaited moment is about to come. According to the best filters, Apple announces transition to ARM architecture They’re using their own processors in the upcoming WWDC20, replacing Intel on some of their Macs.

This change is very important and will bring advantages and disadvantages, and it can be a transition that will take several years. Apple got incredible power with the iPad Pro A12X bionic processor And now you want to enjoy it on a MacBook. It makes a lot of sense to take this step, but you need to do it carefully by providing tools for developers to make everything work seamlessly for the user.

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However, this change reminds us of the economy of these devices. If Apple decides to take this step, it is because it is fully convinced that the device will improve, and that it will also be cheaper to manufacture. Apple has been manufacturing processors for 10 years And you already have very important experience, so you have to respect these two premises: a better processor and a cheaper one.

The transition to self-made processors could lead to Apple’s estimated savings of around $ 2 billion per yearaccording to Research Bernstein. Does this mean we’ll see cheaper MacBooks?

Will the Mac with ARM be cheaper?

If the data is correct, Apple can save a lot of money produce their own processors instead of using Intel. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean direct savings on the Macs that come with these processors, it’s more than likely that Apple will go with this option.

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In this first phase of the transition from Intel processors to proprietary processors, Apple must convince users and developers that this is a plan with a great future. To do this, developers need to take charge of the new architecture and work on porting their programs and applications so that they can be used on a new Mac with ARM on the one hand. But to assert all these overtime hours, they should have many potential users.

For this, Apple must continue an aggressive strategy with the prices of these new Macs. Apple should start this new adventure with a new 12-inch MacBook, which should be much cheaper than its last version which costs more than 1,400 euros. Considering that the MacBook Air with a proven Intel processor has a starting price of $ 999, Apple must offer something much cheaper, 899, or even $ 799, for people to bet instead of the MacBook Air.

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Macbook Air

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Considering the current situation, as well as what we have described, we have several reasons to believe that ARM Macs will be cheaper than current Intel models. On the one hand, we have the cost savings that Apple will have and, on the other hand, the need for these computers to sell well so that developers can bet heavily on them. The normal thing is that Apple is entering this new phase with computers designed for the general public, like fire extinguishers. 12-inch MacBook or Mac mini. The arrival of ARM on professional devices will take longer to arrive, stealthily when all professional applications can be used without problems and the ARM processors match Intel’s performance, Apple can take this step.

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Source: Techradar