Will Resident Evil Village be heavily focused on exploration more than any other game in the series?

Capcom hope to hit the next generation right away with Resident Evil Village for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Some details have already been confirmed for the next title, many of which are in line with previous rumors. Now more details on the expected game may have emerged.

Recently, Dusk Golem (aka Aesthetic Gamer) – who in the past revealed some details related to Resident Evil, especially with Village – came back to talk again on Twitter about the next horror game. Speaking of its structure, the insider said that Village will have a lot of optional content, including the collection of treasures in the style of Resident Evil 4 and 5.

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He also said that the village will give a lot of spaceexploration. Although the game is a mixture of linear sections and more open spaces, the title will apparently pay more attention to exploration than any other game in the series. Presumably there would also be similarities to Dark Souls, as there will be open parts to explore that will be more difficult to overcome, but you may be able to do this with the right equipment.

In another tweet, Dusk Golem talked about the length of the game, suggesting that although Resident Evil Village is longer than any other recent game in the series (7, 2 and 3), it won’t be as long as Resident Evil 4 or 6.

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Resident Evil Village will be released in 2021 on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

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Source: Gamingbolt.

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