Exactly a year ago today, in SamaGame we were talking about Windows 10 having just surpassed 25% adoption and beginning to approach the almighty Windows 7. Well, after 365 days, and two and a half years after its launch, Windows 10 seems to have finally overtaken Windows 7 in number of users.

We see the data on the StatCounter page, where after tying last December, once the January data have been analyzed, they place Windows 10 in the lead with 42.78% adoption among users using Windows. It is followed very closely by Windows 7, which continues to maintain 41.86% of users according to this statistics page, and Windows 8.1 follows with 8.72%.

These percentages pertain to the number of users using some version of Windows, and only takes desktop users into account. At a general level, according to StatCounter, Windows represent 82.78% of desktop computer users. Behind Microsoft systems is the total number of desktop users who use a version of macOS, which represents 12.8%, followed by GNU / Linux with 1.43%.

Microsoft already said in mid-January that Windows 10 already had a much larger installation base than Windows 7. Therefore, this data from a third-party company comes to corroborate the company’s claims. The logical thing is that now the distance between Windows 10 and its predecessor is getting bigger and bigger over time.

Where does the data come from?

The data is provided by the StatCounter page, although this is also not the only global statistics page. We also have a NetMarketShare that still ranks Windows 7 above Windows 10 with 42.39% and 34.29% respectively. However, this website is a little less reliable, since for example, it did not consider that Chrome had surpassed Internet Explorer in users until 2016.

The reliability of the statistics of this type of pages depends mainly on how large the population samples they use. In this regard, NetMarketShare says that its data is obtained from “thousands of web pages”, some 40,000 two years ago, while StatCounter claims to have its code present in 2 million pages.

Taking this data into account, the balance is tipped to the StatCounter side. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that yes, Microsoft has finally managed to make Windows 10 exceed Windows 7 in users, although This has taken two and a half years, of which most of the time he has been giving away Windows 10 to users of the previous two versions.

But the most used OS is still Android

However, the picture changes a lot if we look at the data that takes into account all devices, both mobile and desktop. Here, according to StatCounter, the most widely used operating system globally is Android with an adoption of 40.05%. And it is in second place where we find Windows with 36.56%.

As for the rest of the systems, the statistics show us that iOS is the third operating system with 12.9% of users, and macOS the fourth with 5.61%. It is followed by the Unknown category with the total number of users whose operating system has not been identified, and behind is GNU / Linux with 0.66%. As you can see, the distinction between Android and GNU / Linux has been made here despite sharing the same kernel.

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