Following up on our post on Windows 10 shortcuts for snapping windows, we decided to explore one of the coolest features of Windows 10, virtual desktops. Windows is great when it comes to keyboard shortcuts, so rest assured, if someone were to look for a list of shortcuts for any function, they won’t be disappointed. When it comes to Windows 10 Preview, we’ve found four useful shortcuts that let you switch to the previous or next desktop from the current one, close a virtual desktop, open a new virtual desktop, or select the next or previous desktop when you have multitask view open.

Switch to previous/next desktop

Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow Key: Switching between virtual desktops from a desktop is not triggered by active hotcorners or hotspots on your screen like in OS X. To switch to the previous or next desktop from the current one without going through multitask view, press Windows + Ctrl + left / right arrow key.

Close current desktop

Windows + Ctrl + F4: You can close a desktop without having to open multitask view. This shortcut closes the current desktop and will switch you to the next one. It also closes any applications you currently have open on that desktop.

Open new virtual desktop

Windows + Ctrl + D: No need to open multitask view to create a new desktop. Where Windows + D will minimize all windows and take you to your current desktop, adding the Ctrl modifier and using Windows + Ctrl + D will open a new desktop and switch you to it.

Select next/previous desktop in multitask view

Windows + Tab, Tab, Left/Right Arrow Key – This shortcut runs in three steps. The Windows + Tab shortcut is used to open the multitask view. If you already have it open, you can move on. Press the Tab key one more time after opening multitasking view, and then (after releasing the Tab key) use the left or right arrow keys to select the previous or next desktop.

Our wish list of virtual desktop shortcuts we hope to see in the final version of Windows 10 is; a shortcut to send the current application to the previous or next desktop, close desktops from multitask view, move all applications from the current desktop to the previous or next desktop, and switch directly to a desktop without having to cycle through them all .

Have you found a shortcut for virtual desktops in Windows 10 that we didn’t see? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to our list.