PlayOnLinux is a Wizard for installing Windows programs on Linux, using Wine. The objective is to get the user to install programs in the simplest and most graphic way possible, focusing above all on the world of games.

The process is fully automatic. In fact, it has details such as the message that says “Microsoft fonts are not installed, I will install them for you” when you run it for the first time. And in case you didn’t remember the continuous reboots of Windows, PlayOnLinux simulates those restarts in the programs that require it. And we will also have the option to install DirectX in case you need it.


the menu of installing a new program or game is very simple: you choose the type of application (game, expansion, patch, dosbox or liveinstall) and it shows you a list where you can choose the one you want. It downloads the installer script, you run it and you automatically have the program running on your desktop. If the program needs an installation CD, you will have to insert it, and if it can be downloaded from the Internet, it does it by itself. And once a game is installed, it ends up asking the user if he wants to create a direct access from the main menu or from the desktop.

I have installed some games to see how it works, like Duke Nukem 3D to remember old times:

Some game titles that are directly available on PlayOnLinux are: * Dawn of War Dark Crussade * Guild Wars * Half Life 1 * Jedi Knight II * Star Wars Racer * Warcraft III * World of Warcraft

The installation scripts They are made by the developers themselves and also by the users. On the official page you have a list with all the scripts available to download and use. And not only for games, but also for large office suites such as microsoftoffice or web browsers such as Safari from Mac. The list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The unofficial scripts that you have downloaded you can run them directly from the Tools tab -> Run an unofficial script.

PlayOnLinux It also includes some very useful tools to manage the configuration of Wine and to check the performance of your machine using Glxgears, Glxmulx and GlxTinou.

To install PlayOnLinux you can download source code from the download section. When you unzip the package there is a file called playonlinux that you can run directly to launch the program.

And now they keep their own repository for Ubuntu Gutsyif you want you can add it to your list:

deb gutsy main

and install it by running in a terminal (single line):

sudo apt-get install playonlinux playonlinux-dosbox-support

It is without a doubt a great tool that brings some of the best Windows-only games to users who have that little thorn in using Linux, and it does it in a very easy and elegant way.