Windows N70 DualCore.

The market of tablets with the system signed with the green robot not only consists of the most expensive devices, which was shown even by Google, producing together with Asus, presenting the Nexus 7. Powerful and cheap equipment is increasingly available to the mass audience – is it bad? I do not think, however, today, unfortunately, I will not show you the Nexus, but it will be the Chinese Rockchip N70 Dual Core with huge potential. Is it worth your money? Read on and decide for yourself.

Box contents and technicals

Packaging – it is a small, modest rectangle packed with two things – specification with photos of the device and Chinese language … every country is a custom. In the box itself you will find a tablet, headphones about which I write a bit more later, a USB -> Micro USB adapter and a manual in Chinese. The charger comes in a separate tiny box. It has its own “stick” pass, which has probably become the basic charging port in tablets.
Appearance and performance
The device amazes with its performance – you might think if you buy a tablet for about PLN 450 (Import from China, we will pay up to PLN 600 in supermarkets) it will be the worst bummer that will fall apart in a few days, but this is not the case. The tablet is made very well, with good quality plastics and I have no complaints about its housing. The equipment I tested was in the black and white version and I have to admit, it’s just beautiful. Its weight has been distributed in such a way that there are no problems with instability or poor grip in the hands. The tablet itself is characterized by a simple design and at first glance we will not notice any connector or port. All of them are hidden on the “back” of the device under a very cleverly placed plug. There we find a microUSB port, HDMI and a third one, which is a microSD slot, outside the only thing we will observe apart from the screen and the camera for video calls are the power keys and multimedia volume control.

Windows N70 DualCore


The screen in the tablet is the basis for communication with the device. Here we get a 7-inch display made in TFT technology, which does not mean that it is weak. Supports multi-touch up to five points at a time. Photos and images launched on this tablet are characterized by very nice quality, nice color and contrast reproduction, the device has large viewing angles, which allows us to watch multimedia in two or three people without the need to maneuver. Watching movies is a great pleasure here, we will not experience any graphic distortions or we will not see individual pixels that particularly spoil the entire perception of the device.

Windows N70 DualCore


The battery of the device allows for a very long and comfortable work without the need to buy a charger for every one or two day trip. When we do not use the tablet, it can easily last four or five days – if we start using it intensively, playing games and browsing the Internet via Wi-Fi, this number drops to 10 hours. This result is quite decent, so in this respect the user of the Chinese tablet should not complain

Windows N70 DualCore

In fact, the N70 tablet does not have a camera on the “back”, the only thing we get is one front lens for video calls, but this is not a big disadvantage. The truth is that taking pictures with a tablet is not very convenient and having only the camera on the front allows us to conveniently exchange via Skype and Tango. Thanks to this device, we will not take pictures of the highest quality – after all, it is only VGA. Which does not exclude its possibilities – people with whom we talk see us well, well, let me put it differently … they do not see the silhouette itself.


Windows N70 DualCore

N70 Dual Core has been working under Android 4.0.4 from the beginning, however, it is not a device based on a clean interface as with most competing solutions in this price range. After switching on, we see GoLauncher well known to me, this time in the edition for tablets and I have to admit – it’s a very good step. The device is very configurable, we have many possibilities to install Go widgets, we can upload themes and similar modifications that greatly improve my feelings about this device – a small gesture makes me happy. Unfortunately, the launcher itself is in English. This is a disadvantage especially for new and novice users, it is possible that in the near future GoLauncher will be able to change the language – including Polish. In addition, we get a set of tools such as APK Installer – used to install applications with the .apk ending, Explorer – used to manage files in the device’s internal memory, Palmebook – which is nothing more than a virtual library, but it is in Chinese, a streaming media player with an Asian name, video – as the name suggests, a movie player, an application and game store that is also in Chinese or a calendar that I really liked – unfortunately it also works in Chinese, which is a pity – it is very nice.


The default web browser is the one reinstalled in Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it works very well, but I decided to take a look at some other equally popular browsers:
* Google Chrome – works very quickly and agile, has accurate synchronization with the computer account and allows us to import bookmarks to the tablet.
* Mozilla Firefox 15 – working with it is even faster than on Chrome, it also allows for accurate synchronization and management of the account set up on a desktop computer, while we can experience a very interesting look of the browser interface.
* Dolphin Browser – in my opinion the best browser tested on this device, it has a beautiful interface, Dolphin Solar – used to communicate with the device by voice – also in Polish. It works very smoothly and allows you to add tabs and add-ons.
GG, Skype, Facebook or Tweedle work great, Tapatalk works at the highest level and I have to admit – the device really integrates very well with Facebook and Google+ – notifications appear in the notification bar almost immediately. The tablet almost completely replaces my computer and for Internet purposes I recommend it to anyone who is going to buy a device that will mainly be used for traveling and surfing the Internet.

Windows N70 DualCore


The device, thanks to its great display, allows us to play movies in FullHD and in many popular video formats. The sound coming from the speakers is also at a high level, so playing music without headphones is not a hassle – the tablet reproduces sounds lively and surprisingly real, the greatest joy is playing a good concert in the evening. Placing the tablet on the stand and playing sound from the speaker – the music “spreads” very well around the room, the sound is actually spatial – such a great experience in a tablet for PLN 430, in many commercial devices under the logo of expensive brands they do not have this standard, what is it? plus for the N70 itself.

Performance and gaming

Windows N70 DualCore

N70 Dual Core, as the name says, has two cores and a Mali400 MP4 graphics processor – is it really possible to play more demanding games on it?

I will surprise you, but the device for the entire PLN 430 (with the option to bring it, almost PLN 600 in supermarkets) copes perfectly with GTA 3 on maximum graphic settings, games like FIFA 12, Max Payne, Gangstar Rio, Bad Piggies, Canabalt or even Dead Trigger work perfectly. Simply, this tablet is a combine for even the latest games, for which the creator gives lifetime thanks – such a cheap tablet, so good performance, so very efficient. The N70 is not huge which additionally favors playing the most popular games. As for performance – for two weeks I haven’t experienced any force close or even slowdowns. Even with live wallpapers enabled. In order not to love the device too much, I will add that once I “managed” to suspend the device to the state of gray screen blanking and no susceptibility to any attempts to “resuscitate” – I also noticed the lack of a restart key. Fortunately, the old rule works here, as in the case of laptops, just hold down the power key longer (even about 20 seconds), and then the device will restart itself and then it should be ready for operation.

Call quality and connectivity

As for the quality of calls – the GSM module is missing. However, we can connect a GSM modem and the device will start using it without any problems as if it had been here forever, connectivity is very high – I enjoyed using AirDroid when I didn’t want to play with cables, unfortunately the lack of Bluetooth hurts – but without it is also possible to live with such a great program as AirDroid. The device is cheap, we can find it in online stores for about PLN 550.
The workmanship is at a high level, we can easily run the best games and blend in with the ocean of information contained on the internet. What more can I say – to make as many devices as possible, this brand, instead of pushing weak devices for a lot of money, has exactly reversed this situation – I highly recommend buying this tablet.

Windows N70 DualCore


– Fast and agile pure Android with GoLauncher overlay;
– Powerful CPU and GPU to play the latest GAMES;
– Nice and strong workmanship;
– A large amount of RAM and ROM;
– Expandable microSD memory
– Price
– No GPS;
– No built-in GSM;
– No Bluetooth;
– Lack of full polonization of the application and interface;

Editorial Rating – 8/10

Windows N70 DualCore