As of today, connecting the mobile to the car to use Android Auto wirelessly is only possible in a handful of countries and with a few compatible mobiles, but this will change with the next version of Android. Most Android 11 phones should be able to use Android Auto Wireless.

This is what Google has made known when updating the Android Auto support page where the minimum requirements to use the system without cables are indicated. In Android 9 and Android 10, limited support is maintained for a few Samsung and Google phones, but in Android 11 the system is expected quite universal.

Wireless Android Auto for (almost) everyone

Android Auto has a few specific requirements to use it on the car screen. You need a car compatible with Android Auto and Android Marshmallow or higher. If you have a version prior to Android 10, you need to install the Android Auto application on your mobile, but with Android 10 it is not necessary: ​​it comes in the system.

This, if we talk about any type of connection (wired or wireless), because wireless connection has higher requirements. It is only available in a few countries and until now it was limited to Samsung or Google Pixel phones. This last requirement is the one that will change with Android 11, which will not depend on mobile brands, but on the type of connectivity.

According to Google support, any mobile with Android 11 with 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity you will be able to use the wireless connectivity of Android Auto (in Europe, in addition, they must comply with the regulations to use 5 GHz connections in the car). The 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection therefore requires that the mobile has Wi-Fi 5 or higher, previously called Wi-Fi ac.

In other words, the requirements for using wireless Android Auto vary. depending on which version of Android you have installed. In all of them you will need a compatible car and be in a country where it is active, in addition to:

  • On Android 9: a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + or Note 8

  • On Android 10: a Google or Samsung mobile.

  • On Android 11: a mobile with 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.