Near Oxenfurt, Geralt will pay attention to a seemingly average call: end up with a monster lurking in a canal. However, the task becomes much more complicated than previously thought and he is forced to cut into three impossible missions.

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After Geralt is forced to seek the help of an unknown as a result of a poorly accomplished assignment, he realizes that he has become a debtor of a powerful being. To redeem his freedom, he must fulfill three wishes, for which he summons the dead, assigns houses, and also rolls up the history of a long-ruined marriage. Hearts of Stone DLC events cannot be arranged in chronological order, although CD Project Red recommends that it is ideal to line up the content of the add-on before the end of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as this provides the best experience. We also discuss what happened in this article.

The Mirror Master

Geralt encounters Yennefer at the beginning of The Witcher 3 while looking for traces of Yennefer in the White Orchard, who introduces himself to him as the Mirror Master and directs the buttermen on their journey to where to look for his love. He asks for nothing for his help, but his words suggest that they will once again cross each other’s path with the White Wolf.

Much later, on one of the billboards near Oxenfurt, Geralt will pay attention to a call to go down the city canals to hunt down something that is responsible for the disappearance of quite a few people. The assignment was set by a seemingly noble guy named Olgierd von Everc, who actually runs a company of bandits. Von Everec’s cook disappeared after descending into the canals of Oxenfurt to find a cursed prince based on a rumor. Although both the man and his company look downright messy, Geralt nods at the task.

Walking down the corridors floating in the sewage, he becomes aware of the corpses of soldiers, and next to one of them discovers his old acquaintance, Shani, who is trying to save the wounded life, unsuccessfully. He learns from the medic that he wants to get a sample of the monster’s venom so they can make an antibody out of it. Geralt eventually forbids the girl to accompany her deeper into the canal, preferring to face the beast alone. The creature is reminiscent of a huge toad frog and can only be defeated at the cost of a serious fight, however, when Geralt delivers the fatal blow, it turns out that a damn man was indeed hidden by the repulsive appearance. There is no time left to ponder the mystery, for the frog loses consciousness from its venom.

He recovers in the cell of a ship, where he finds out from one of his fellow prisoners, takes him to the distant Ofier, where they want to be executed for killing their prince, who lived in the cursed form in the canals of Oxenfurt. The witcher’s situation seems hopeless, but when the guards don’t pay attention, the Mirror Master appears on the bars of his cell, this time introducing himself as Gaunter O’Dimm. He offers to help him escape the ship, but in return Geralt becomes his debtor; the monster hunter has no choice, he is forced to enter into a bargain, resulting in a magical blink on his face. Almost immediately after the conversation, a storm ensues, crushing the ship, and Geralt is washed ashore by the waves. After freeing himself from the clutches of the Ofieri soldiers who want to capture him, he sets off for a meeting with Gaunter O’Dimm to find out what his debt is.

The man’s words show that he often fulfills other people’s wishes, but therefore demands a heavy price. Olgierd von Everec also owes him, and he will need the esteemed services of the witcher to fulfill his wishes. So he returns to the place where Olgierd and his company are, but finds it in flames; after a clash, it turns out that the man is immortal. In any case, Geralt receives the reward for killing the monster, but then Gaunter O’Dimm, who arrived to settle Olgierd’s debt, who has three wishes under their contract, which can only be fulfilled by a person appointed by O’Dimm, also appears on the scene. After a little hassle, the bandit leader makes his first two wishes: Geralt has to make sure Vlodimir, Olgierd’s brother, feels extravagant on the best day of his life, and he has to get Maximilian Borsodi’s house. You will only get to know the third task after completing them.

In any case, Gaunter is willing to give some support to the buttermen. He learns that Volodymyr has been dead for years, but with the help of blood magic, his spirit can be recalled, who may be able to fulfill his desires. Acquiring Maximilian Borsodi’s house is not exactly a walk, as the Borsodi family is especially influential in Oxenfurt, thanks to their well-run auction house (they also wanted to auction off Geralt’s swords in the Vaják – Storm Time volume). So the White Wolf has to try his luck at the next auction to see if he finds out anything about Maximilian’s house.

Dancing with ghosts

So entertaining Vlodimir von Everec promises to be harder than the witcher had planned in advance, but luckily Shani rushes to his aid and gathers some of the ingredients needed to summon the ghost – the blood O’Dimm had previously donated. Together they set off for the von Everec crypt, and along the way she invites Geralt to be accompanied by a lagin for which she is official. The monster-hunter descends alone to find Vlodimir’s tomb when he finds it, and the summons begins, but it also summons the other members of the family he has to deal with.

Vlodimir, who appears after this, pays tribute to the witcher’s fighting skills, but in order to experience the happiest day of his life, he needs to feel something, but there are problems with his spirit. In the absence of a better solution, Geralt allows the man to occupy his body. That’s when Shani stumbles in and points out that looking for the lagin, they can’t find a better opportunity to have a little fun with Vlodimir, who at first sight crashes into the girl.

After greeting the young couple, the revelry begins, and the fierce nature of Vlodimir immediately throws himself into the pleasures. There is a chasing of piglets here, in which you can earn the title of the best pig shepherd; a small gwent can also fit at one of the tables; he brings up Shani’s shoes from a deep well and even unearths the evening’s main attraction, the drunken fire-swallowing artist chased by a dog into the woods – all of which, of course, they drink, dance and have fun with. The ghost, meanwhile, misses a single occasion to compliment the young medic, who apparently still nurture tender feelings for Geralt. One day, Gaunter O’Dimm also appears, exchanging a few words with the ghost, and he manages to infuriate him. Nevertheless, the fun goes great, so Vlodimir eventually writes a letter to his brother stating that the witcher has completed the task. As midnight approached, he would have agreed to leave Geralt’s body, but he would still remain; finally, Gaunter, who exiles the spirit, intervenes.

Once Geralt regains control of his body and mind, he can decide whether to reciprocate Shani’s feelings, with whom they then spend a romantic and passionate night. They divorce knowing that the relationship between the two of them has no future, as they both live up to their profession; Geralt for monster hunting and girl for healing people.

Medieval blinders

To acquire Maximilian Borsodi’s house, Geralt visits the Borsodi Auction House, one of Oxenfurt’s famous buildings. The doormen don’t want to let anyone in without an invitation, but Geralt, an old acquaintance of the dwarf banker Vimme Vivaldi, runs in and helps out when the butter arrives. There are all miracle beetles inside, and since Geralt can’t find the owner Horst Borsodi, he’s forced to mingle in their company. There is a painting collector among them, whose tips can be used to gain valuable works during the auction. Of course, a party gwent can also be brought together here, with a victory you can pocket a rare card. The most interesting interlocutor, however, is Baroness Mignole, who is passionate about the relics of the Butterflies. His special passion came from a youthful love. Young Vesemir from the Wolf School was his lover, who had to flee after the girl’s family realized their relationship. Of course, Geralt listens in astonishment to this story, as he has a hard time imagining his old teacher as a skirt hunter.

Eventually, the auction takes place, where even Geralt can bid, but more importantly, he finally meets the arrogant, puffy Horst Borsodi, who refuses to negotiate with the witcher about his father, Maximilian’s house. After the monster hunter is thrown out of the auction, a mysterious figure calls him out and reveals that he knows how to get into the vault room of the auction house, where Geralt is sure to find what he needs. The man leads him to a secret hiding place, where he reveals that he also has a compelling reason to plunder Borsodi, but he has no idea to share his motives with the witcher, he just needs a team with whom to carry out the robbery.

Success first requires Geralt to convince the chefs of the Borsod House guards to spice up their dinner that day with a little “extra ingredient” so that they won’t be able to act on the night of the burglary. Second, they also need a person blessed with acrobatic talent to get them into the auction house, and eventually they need a master thief who breaks the armored door of the warehouse. Once Geralt prepares everything, the misfortune can begin.

For a while, everything goes according to plan, but there is a mistake in the mysterious man’s calculations, because the house is not empty and the insiders immediately alert the guards. So the little team has to cut itself through the safe, where they also run into a few more guards in the company of Horst. The leader of the robbery gang then reveals his identity: he is Ewald Borsodi, whom his brother destroyed from his property as he spent it rather irresponsibly on cards, drinking and joy girls. After he became an earth runner, he swore revenge, and now he has returned to acquire his inheritance. Geralt can then decide which brother to keep with, in both cases the other will die. When he asks for his reward after the skirmish, it turns out that Maximilian Borsodi’s house is actually a golden chest that hides old Borsodi’s will and papers, making it invaluable to both heirs. So again, the butters are faced with a choice: you can take the box and all its contents by force; but you can also leave the papers matured with the crate only. He still keeps his promise to Olgierd, after all, he acquires Maximilian Borsodi’s “house” (even if it is worthless without the documents).

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  • Developer: CD Project Red
  • Publisher: CD Project
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Role play
  • Appearance: 10/13/2015

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, or in Hungarian Kőszívek, is the first official addition to the highly successful, open-world role-playing game of the CD Project RED.