Witcher History 14. – This is what happens in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

Geralt makes his way to Toussaint to solve the greatest problem of the duchy known for its wines, traditions, and fairytale atmosphere, that is, to capture the mysterious monster that kills the nobles. As it used to be, trouble rages through the monster hunter’s neck.

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The fabulous duchy, Toussaint, usually holds great wines, love, and never-ending amusements for visitors, but Geralt knows that in the depths of wine cellars and ancient catacombs, serious dangers lurk for unsuspecting intruders. When he serves the duchy at the request of the ruler, he realizes that not only winemakers but also vampires consider the tiny state to be paradise. As the buttermen hunt for the mighty monster that thins the ranks of the nobles, he encounters an old friend believed to be dead, and in addition becomes Toussaint’s esteemed citizen. While the Blood and Wine add-on can be played through before the end of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the developers say it’s better to cut in after the finale to experience an adventure that features Geralt, who is considering retiring.

Bitter rib

On one of Velen’s billboards, Geralt will be alert to a call in which someone personally asks for his help. At the designated meeting point, he runs to two Knights of Toussint, Palmerin de Launfal and Milton de Peyrac-Peyran, who greet him as an old acquaintance, having worked with them several times when he was in the duchy with his small company years earlier (read in the book Vajai – The Mistress of the Lake). The two strapped good birds came on behalf of Princess Anna Henrietta, Anarietta for short, who specifically needs the White Wolf to rid her princess of the beast referred to as the “Monster.” This is something specifically killing nobles, and it is clear from the clues found at the crime scenes that he is in possession of some superhuman force. Geralt doesn’t theorize much,

At the border of Toussaint, they rush to the aid of a third knight, thus defeating a beast called Goliath. The gunwalker, found in distress, learns that the Monster has struck again, the remains of its latest victim being thrown ashore by the river. Geralt and Milton set out to search the scene, from where the corpses had already been removed by the princely law enforcement officers, but the witcher finds a monogrammed handkerchief from which Milton realizes that a nobleman, a retired knight, has been murdered again. He sets out on the way to the monster hunter to the ducal morgue set up in the cellar of the Corvo Bianco vineyard to examine the corpse. When Geralt arrives here, he finds traces of a bloodbath, and next to the third victim spread out in the cellar, he finds a brux, who is digging in the body of the deceased. After eliminating the vampire species, he also scans the crime scene and discovers what the vampire was looking for; a severed hand that appears alive away from its host as it moves back and forth.

Witcher History 14. – This is what happens in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Then there is nothing left but to appear in front of Princess Anna Henrietta, who is watching one of the fights in the knightly tournament held in the arousal of Toussaint. Before the audience, the witcher is still forced to intervene in a clash, as the beast brought here for fun is released. Anarietta then calls himself, who is very grateful that Geralt showed up and, to testify of his generosity, donates the Corvo Bianco vineyard to the buttermen, which can serve as a great abode after clearing the corpses and a little repair. The commander of the ducal guard, Damien de la Tour, then initiates the monster hunter from afar into the details of the investigation, while failing to stress that he considers the man a troublemaker and is not happy to interfere in their internal affairs by being abroad. 

Nonetheless, his information proves useful, as it turns out that all three victims were retired, old knights who did not pursue a distinctly decent life. From the description of the crime scenes and the way the nobles were killed, Geralt realizes that the murders all portray holy knightly virtues among the locals, and the Monster may have wanted to punish his victims for violating them. In addition, it is revealed that they all belonged to the same company, were good friends, not incidentally the mercies of the father of the former prince, Anarietta, to whom delicate tasks were also credited. The team also included a fourth knight: Milton de Peyrac-Peyran, who is about to take on the role of rabbit at a traditional Taoussaint festival, which the killer could also interpret as a violation of the knightly virtue of courage. 

Anarietta and Geralt set off for a festival in the capital, Beauclair, in the death of a horse to complete tasks that could track down Milton, but the search slows them down too much. They are no longer found alive, but they can still take a look at a creature with long claws above its corpse before it slips away. Geralt catches up in an abandoned house, clashes with him, and then it turns out to him that he is facing a higher-ranking vampire who poses a deadly threat to even experienced witchers. The Monster would just attack the butterbacks in the back when another vampire appears out of nowhere and throws himself between the two of them; the newcomer apparently knows the attacker well, but he claims Geralt is also his friend – he’s Regis. The White Wolf doesn’t even get a word out of shock, since the bloodsucker had been melted into a black mass before his eyes years ago by Vilgefortz. There’s not much time for joy, as the guards are approaching, so Regis tells you where Geralt can find him and then turns into a fog, as the other vampire did a few minutes earlier.

Witcher History 14. – This is what happens in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Ordinary vampires

After the White Wolf makes a report to the princess, she sets off to visit her old comrade, who farms in style in a cemetery. He learns that a higher-ranking vampire can only be killed permanently by one of his companions, so he was able to recover from Vilgefortz’s magic. Because of this, there is only one rule in their society: a higher-ranking vampire can never kill another.

From the castle of the mad mage, he was spooned together by his old friend, Dettlaff, without whom he would not have been able to regain his original form, so he can essentially owe his life to him. Luckily for Geralt, Dettlaff is the same one who kills the nobles of Toussint and whom Anna Henrietta hired to hunt him down. Regis, on the other hand, firmly argues that, normally, his friend, like him, does no harm to people at all, that is, there must be compelling reasons behind his current actions. To find the unlock of the mystery, they use the hand the witcher found in Corvo Bianco’s basement in the third victim. A vampire who is also familiar with alchemy knows a decoction that will give them a glimpse into the recent history of the host of living tissue, thereby learning about the circumstances of the murder and perhaps tracing Dettlaff, 

However, the components of the elixir called Resonance are extremely difficult to obtain; Regis is in possession of some of them, but Geralt must have access to the saliva of a rare monster, the murmur. Luckily, the ravens spying on the vampire have discovered such a creature in the area, so we have the next destination. A closer examination of the homestead of creation reveals that it is a cursed woman; no matter if Geralt decides to save him or kill him, he will definitely grab his saliva. In the cemetery, however, he must realize that this was the easier task, for Resonance requires another ingredient: blood from one of the fellow owners of the hand. But it is not enough for Regis to drain his own, for the chemical composition of the blood of higher-ranking vampires capable of deformation also changes.

To avoid harming anyone, they go to an ancient vampire prison, Tesham Mutna, built by the bloodsuckers themselves centuries earlier to curb one of their raging companions. Walking through the fort before Geralt, the history of the race comes to life, so he learns that the Vampires landed in the territory of Toussaint at the Coexistence of Spheres, so their fate is closely intertwined with the history of the country. In the deepest dungeon, he manages to bring out the raging form of Regis tucked behind bars, so the witcher takes some blood from him to do the final touches to the potion. After Regis calms down, Geralt eats the Resonance and comes to life before Dettlaff first befriended his third victim and then killed him, but apparently did not of his own free will, cutting off his hand as well. Thanks to the vision, they manage to identify the site;

After a little persuasion, the rubbed street kids learn that Dettlaff often cleaned his shoes with him, and the boy also reveals which house he had to take the stripped-down footwear to. While searching the home of the murdering vampire, Regis talks about his friend, who he says he liked people very much; so much so that there was also a man’s love, Rhena. At the hideout, letters and clues are discovered that someone had kidnapped the woman and threatened with killing Dettlaff if she did not comply with their wishes; so some of the knights of Toussaint were killed using the vampire as a weapon. With no more clues at their disposal, Geralt, on the advice of Regis, takes letters containing the names of the killed targets and sets off to report the developments to the princess while the vampire waits for her friend, 

The truth is in wine

Sure, in the audience, the witcher doesn’t unravel all the petals of this truth-flower before the princess, but all it reveals is that the Monster has been used and the blackmailer is the real culprit in the murders. It’s hard but he manages to convince Anarietta and the inexperienced Damien with the letters she found during the investigation. In one of these, a stain is discovered which appears to come from some kind of wine, and there are plenty of noble drink experts in Toussaint. Based on the smell of the stain, the princely sommelier finds that it was left by a wine called Sangreal, which, in turn, is made exclusively for the princely family, with no other access. So they head for the Castel Rivello winery, where the noble nectar is kept under seven padlocks. The winemaker tries to fog, but the princess and the witcher, on closer inspection of the cellar, realize that he disappeared with a barrel from the vintage he was looking for. The winemaker then confesses everything: a mysterious man paid a fabulous sum to buy a barrel of royal wine and was waiting for another order.

At the meeting point, the witcher, as well as Damien and his men, appear instead of the winemaker, and quickly cut down the thieves who arrive for the wine. There is only one survivor left who can be questioned, and after Geralt puts the prospect of a torture death fish if he does not speak, his tongue soon hardens. The team was hired by a man everyone calls just Cintrai, who has pretty good connections. Based on the information, Captain Damien’s men find out that the man was last seen with a famous singer, Cecilia Bellante – and the commander of the guard is beginning to soften for the witcher after fighting shoulder to shoulder. From the woman’s servants, the guards learned that Cecilia would next perform at a club called Mandragora, where famous artists far and wide would have fun,

Of course, with the princely influence, it’s not particularly a challenge to get an invitation to the event, but Anarietta insists she be there for the evening as well, so he joins Geralt for the meeting. Walking among wonder beetles from many parts of the world, the princess tells that the evenings to Mandragora are organized by a noblewoman from Toussaint, Orianna, who is also spotted on one of the balconies. After a little investigation, Geralt manages to track down Cecilia, which leads her to the locker room, but there she finds only the singer’s corpse. Following the signs of the killer, he continues to wander through the building until he notices signs of a brawl in one of the rooms. Geralt manages to reconstruct what might have happened: The Cintrai actually arrived for a piece of jewelry, but at the moment of the theft, someone caught him and pushed him out the window. 

Witcher History 14. – This is what happens in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Geralt finds the gem for which a thief arrived: this jewel called the Heart of Toussaint, which was in the possession of Anarietta’s family but had disappeared years earlier, and as it turned out Orianna had bought it from someone. Cintrai, moreover, dropped a piece of paper with a detailed drawing of the said jewelry on it, but more interestingly, the ink and paper are the same as the names of the murdered targets were previously communicated. So it makes sense that A Cintrai was another agent hired by the conspirators. The princely wine and the stolen family jewelry all point to Anna Henrietta, which is why Geralt fears that an assassination attempt is being made against the ruler. Then, however, the woman comes up with a rather unexpected explanation.

She has a sister, Syanna, who may have something to do with the conspirators, she may have wanted to steal the princely wine and jewelry. The girl was said to be sitting on the curse of the Black Sun (the Butterflies – Renfrrit was also accused of this in the last wish), making her a victim of excommunication throughout her childhood. The girl was perhaps because of the curse, perhaps because of the stigma, but she began to be cruel, with her parents seeing the accusation as verified and exiled from Toussaint. Anarietta has been missing her brother ever since, but she thinks she may have returned now and is playing some role in the events.

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  • Developer: CD Project Red
  • Publisher: CD Project
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Role play
  • Published: 31.05.2016.

Blood and Wine is the latest addition to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a huge, open-world fantasy role-playing game that has won numerous awards, in which we can hide in the skin of the famous monster hunter Geralt of Rivia for the last time to discover the Duchy of Toussaint.

Witcher History 14. – This is what happens in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine