With a bleary eye – Windows 8.

Since the Internet is full of complaints of users affected by the problems of the new version of the windows, and I had a lot of trouble with them myself, below are a handful of hints and observations. The text was inspired by another trip with a new laptop, during which the amount of profanity exceeded the critical mass and imploded under the influence of its own density. But let’s get to the point.

First of all, Windows 8 is the most tablet-like but at the same time annoying and oversensitive version of the system that came out of Microsoft’s hands. Updates are her biggest bane. Do not expect that after buying and starting the equipment, you will just use it, and powerful components will provide you with a better experience. Windows 8, I assure you, will prove you wrong. Why did Microsoft decide to punish new users so much?

Mistake #1

With a bleary eye – Windows 8

According to the old custom, after starting the computer (or reinstalling a clean system, which by the way takes eons) we start updating the drivers. This was done in XP, Windows 7 and in virtually every version. BADLY! Not on Windows 8! Don’t be tempted to update the bios, cards or other components suggested by the device manufacturer. First of all, WE DON’T UPDATE ANYTHING OUTSIDE WINDOWS. Any attempts to change the system will end in a fiasco and the update process grinding in the background, which will not be able to finish or update anything.

Mistake number 2

With a bleary eye – Windows 8

We try to install our favorite programs, messengers and browsers right away. Don’t go this way! Windows 8 is not interested in anything but itself and its updates at this time. It will occupy the disk, processor and RAM with its problems for hours and your equipment will howl like crazy, cut and who knows, maybe even show a blue middle finger. WE DO NOT DISTURB THE SYSTEM AT WORK for the first two days. There’s no telling if it will help at all. Sometimes it has a problem with the installation of updates anyway and it will howl at you endlessly. So far, there is no effective method to get out of the c:/ format on the web.

Mistake number 3

With a bleary eye – Windows 8

When an update crashes for some reason, we count on the magic of a hard reboot. MISTAKE! It will not give you anything, but it can effectively bug updates and you will struggle with it for hours. Sooner or later you will do a full factory reset/disk format (which, as I mentioned, takes eons regardless of the power of the hardware itself).

Mistake number 4

With a bleary eye – Windows 8

Any use of the device before you update it to Windows 8.1 is pointless. Everything annoys him, everything can throw him off. Windows 8 gets along with tablets as such, because only on a tablet I had no major problems with it. Laptops, on the other hand, eat passionately and every laptop that was burdened with this system, regardless of the company, had a lot of problems with operation. I’ve experienced this many times, so I know what I’m talking about. This is the worst system I’ve ever seen.

Mistake number 5

refreshing. With bugged updates, you can always try the system refresh option. It helps once in a billion tries. Maybe you’ll just get lucky. It didn’t help me once.

With a bleary eye – Windows 8

Mistake number 7

Buying a laptop or PC with Windows 8. All in all, it should be in the first place, but it’s not easy to get equipment without this programming “gem”. Just as I can say that I recommend it for tablets, any other OS will be better for other devices or, if possible, Windows 8.1 right away. It’s not perfect, but most of the bugs and imperfections have been patched. In addition, regardless of the components, some applications from the Windows Store will not work for you. They may be different on each laptop. Reason? One, and let me use a slightly obscene phrase to explain why – Because you, thats why.

So what do we do if we have no physical chance to avoid this system? I think you have to be very patient. It’s best not to touch it with any programs until it stabilizes. In case of problems, there is nothing to count on any methods that will fix it. Nothing will help you because in such a situation you have only one thing to do: Let go of the factory settings and it is best to disable automatic updates by default. Believers can pray that all goes well this time. Non-believers can jump for a beer. However, if you prefer to do automatic updates, keep in mind that it may be practically useless for a long time and you will not experience joy from the purchase. And of course, you must be aware that you will most likely configure it after the update exactly when you need to quickly launch a program, internet or printout. Then it will hang for long minutes, grinding its fairy tale.

With a bleary eye – Windows 8