With that omnipresence of the main Football Manager saga on PC (not counting the “Touch” version) over so many years, I had certainly forgotten that once, in its early days, there were a few installments on Xbox 360. And many on PSP .

If we talk about the Microsoft console, since 2006. Specifically, since that Football Manager 2007 which, apart from Xbox 360, came out on PC and PSP. But this will change with Football Manager 2021, since SEGA has just announced that the PC version will be accompanied by one for Xbox One and Xbox Series, which, to top it all, will come with the feature Xbox Play Anywhere, to switch with the PC.

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Football Manager 2021 will go on sale on November 24 both on Steam and the Epic Games Store, apart from the Microsoft Store (Xbox and Windows 10). And logically, on Xbox consoles its control will be adapted as the Touch series did to play with a controller. The good thing is that, thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere, we can continue the game from a PC (with mouse and keyboard) by keeping our saved game. And there will be no extra money to put into Xbox Series.

With this new installment, SEGA will continue betting on the role of coach of a soccer team, but “adding more tools than ever for managers to develop their personalities and skills. Details will be expanded in early October, but at least we already have its release date.

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