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The best programs and the best extensions for Microsoft Office Word.


From Office 2007, Microsoft has introduced a new tabbed interface to its work suite applications. Is about ribbon UI who continues to divide users between those who love it for its simplicity and those who hate it for the excessive size of its buttons. For those who are part of this last school of thought there is UBitMenua small free program that adds a name card menu to the Office 2007/2010 interface where the old ones are classic office menus (translated into Italian). Download from here.

Appnimi Word Password Recovery

When you often work with Word documents, it’s not difficult to deal with password-protected docx or docx files for which you don’t know or have lost your password. Appnimi Word Password Recovery is a free program that allows you discover passwords for word documents based on two types of attacks: the so-called brute force that tries to find the password of the selected file character by character by trying various combinations and that dictionary that discovers the passwords based on the meaning words included in a dictionary file. Download from here.

Microsoft Mathematics for Word

microsoftoffice It includes an excellent software for calculations and statistics called Excel, but sometimes it might be useful to have advanced math features in Word as well. Microsoft Mathematics for Word is a free add-in for Word (produced by Microsoft itself) that adds functions for drawing graphs in 2 and 3 dimensions, calculating numerical results, solving equations or inequalities, and simplifying algebraic expressions for the world’s most famous word processor. It is automatically activated on a new interface card called Ribbon math. Download from here.

LittleDoc Lite

Even if they aren’t among the most cumbersome files in the world, Word documents when they start piling up in large numbers can end up taking up a lot of space on your hard drive (or the storage device they’re stored on). LittleDoc Lite is a free program for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you to compress word documents without enclosing them in compressed files and without compromising their quality. It uses a special algorithm that allows it to compress all Office files (including Office 2007/2010) and PDF files by up to 20-30%. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to process multiple files at the same time and requires an active Internet connection to work. Download from here.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

with Office 2007In addition to a new interface, Microsoft has also introduced a new file type Open XML, the various docx, xlsx, etc. who replaced the classic Office file formats. This compatibility package launched by Microsoft itself allows see the new Office 2007/2010 files also in Office 2003 and earlier versions without having to convert them first. No setup required. Just download and install it to start opening, editing and saving Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007/2010 files even with earlier versions of the suite. Download from here.

Corrupted DOCX2TXT

When importing large amounts of Word documents from CDs or DVDs, you may have to deal with corrupted docx files that won’t open properly. Corrupted DOCX2TXT is a small free application that allows you restore corrupted word files, or rather to recover the content of the latter, transforming it into simple text in txt format. Unfortunately, this erases all data and does not restore any images present in the files, but in emergencies it can be very useful. To work, you need the .Net Framework 2.0 from Microsoft. Download from here.

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