World of Tanks will reward players for years of service.

2020 is a rare example of a year that even the brightest optimists cannot consider as good. Unless we’re talking about World of Tanks, which has been celebrating its 10th anniversary since April. On this occasion, players received, among others huge update with many changes and Polish vehicles. This is not the end, because studio decided to thank the community around the game for the years of service. From tomorrow after logging into the PC version World of Tanks you will receive a special set of prizes. How many gifts you get depends on the date you registered your account. Maksim Chuwałow, global publishing director of World of Tanks, emphasized that this is a form of thanks to those who supported the game during the beta tests and in the following years:

This is our way of saying “thank you” to all players. It is wonderful to hear so many stories from the battlefields. Over 65% of our 160-million community have been with us for 5 years or longer. It’s really amazing to see all these people, we want to emphasize how grateful we are that you are riding with us.

World of Tanks will reward players for years of service

Super Chaffee and other gifts

Detailed rules have been published on the official World of Tanks website. The creators have prepared eleven variants of the package, one for the 9 years that have passed since the premiere, and two additional: for beta-testers and for accounts created in 2020 (but no later than November 26). Gifts will include, among others three tier VII tanks: T-50-2, Super Hellcat and a completely new and exclusive premium vehicle in the form of the Super Chaffee. All three will receive accounts registered no later than 2016. In addition, the set includes packages of credits and bonds, stickers, emblems, cosmetic items for personalization and a bonus to experience gained. The action will start on November 26 at 9:00 CET.

Beta-testers will receive the most gifts.

World of Tanks will reward players for years of service

The future of World of Tanks

The announcement was also accompanied by a trailer, which we mention at the end for a reason. The video (in the typical style) does not cover the contents of the gift sets, except for the briefly appearing list. However, it caused a lot of revival in the community around it World of Tanks due to a few seemingly random elements, which are probably a preview of the next updates. For example, on the front page of the newspaper appearing at the beginning of the trailer, the question: “Where’s WoT Classic?”

It is also difficult to ignore the scene in which a Czech-Italian dictionary of phraseologies for tankers was put on a book about Polish tanks. We also see secret documents with plans to stop the next edition of the Black Market, and three books with the Steel Hunter mode logo (with the third volume clearly larger than the two previous editions). She also appeared, among others suggestion of further changes to the gameplay balance. These and other tips make it clear that World of Tanks players will not run out of activities in the coming months.

World of Tanks will reward players for years of service
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