Team 17 surprised us a few months ago with the announcement of Worms Rumble and its proposal, since it will be a new installment of the franchise completely different from the rest by betting on the genre of Battle royale.

The good thing is that now anyone can see how their gameplay will be thanks to a open beta which has just started on PS4 and PC and will remain active Until the 9 of november. In the case of the version for the Sony console, it is necessary to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus, while those who prefer to play from their computer will have to do so through Steam.

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The beta includes a map called Transforming Towers, in which a part of the stage transforms into a giant worm-shaped robot, along with three different game modes: Last Worm Standing, Last Squad Standing and Deathmatch. In the case of the first two, the last worm or last group that manages to remain standing will win. For its part, the objective of the remaining game mode will be to get more eliminations than the others.

Along with all this players will be able to test the most classic weapons and so crazy of the saga, among which there will be new versions and others that will debut to wreak real havoc. This way you can use a sheep launcher, a sentry turret or a plasma gun, although there will be no shortage of hooks and jetpacks.

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In each game of Worms Rumble you can get together up to 32 players and there will be crossplay between all the versions in which it will be available, that is, PS4, PS5 and PC. The exact date for its launch is still unknown, although it is scheduled to occur sometime in December.

Source : Gadgetsnow