World of Warcraft: The Best WoW Classic Healers

Nothing heals me like you do!

WoW Classic | The Top WoW Healers

Like it or not, healers are essential and no team can survive long without a good one. Though not as popular nor as celebrated as melee classes, healers can be fun to play too. After all, it lets you zoom in and out of the action while giving you a chance to sort of be a “bystander” as far as the danger goes. Think of it as being the wind beneath the frontliner’s wings. Without your invaluable help, they’d perish sooner rather than later—or not at all if you’re good at your job! And when the time comes to reap precious WoW Classic gold arrives, you’re often one of those to get first dibs. How cool is that?

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Here’s a look at some of the best healer classes in World of Warcraft Classic.


Holy Be Thy Priest

WoW Classic | The Top WoW Healers

Perhaps no other class shines as bright as the Holy Priest in PvP situations. After all, they provide the most significant healing. When you dissect its healing prowess, you’ll realize that the Holy Priest’s value skyrockets even further because it can provide healing to both single ally and small group targets. On top of that, they are versatile enough to bring just a little bit of everything to the table. During tight matches, even the smallest edge can give you a leg up on the competition. And did we mention that Holy Priests also give you the added boon of increasing the spirit and stamina of allies? ‘Nuff said!

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Runner-Up: The Holy Paladin

While it can even be argued that it can be the best healer, the Holy Paladin secures the second-best spot for us. Sure, their healing skills are exceptional, but the fat of the matter is that they aren’t able to deploy this skill en masse—which can be a deal-breaker given certain scenarios.


Here Comes Your Shaman

Restoration Shamans are pretty much right up there with Holy Paladins when it comes to healing. But the thing about them is that they shine most in PvE scenarios. Sure, their spells aren’t as considerable as Priests, but given that they are excellent in providing support, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t seriously consider them. With the aid of totems, Shamans can turn the tides of battle in favor of the Horde.

WoW Classic | The Top WoW Healers

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Runner-Up: Restoration Druid

We know. A lot of people consider the Restoration Druid to be among the weakest in the game, but hear us out. When push comes to shove, they still provide a decent amount of healing. Cap that off with the great support that they offer and you could very well have something special in your hands. Though you may not feel the effects of their spells in one go, they can make their mark over time. That, in our eyes, can make a big difference!


Whether you’re doing PvP, PvP, questing, dungeoning, or raiding, you’d do well to choose a healing class that suits both your needs and specific play style. The bottom line, no matter which angle you look at it from, is that “best” is always a subjective matter. People will always have their own personal views and biases regarding the builds that they play. In the end, what matters is that you get to optimize your adventures, earn lots of gold, and collect even more WoW Classic items using the healer class of your choice. We each have to walk our own paths after all. Hopefully, we’ve given you some things to think about.

WoW Classic | The Top WoW Healers

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