WWDC20 recap: Apple chooses Google with all these new features

Last Friday ended one of the most important weeks of the year for Apple and for developers of iOS, macOS and other systems. WWDC20 is already over, and although the vast majority pay attention only to Monday’s conference during the week Apple has had workshops and discussions with developers to explain everything in more detail..

Many summaries of WWDC20 can be made, but today we are focusing on various Apple features that compete directly with popular Google apps. Apple’s new software is a direct attack from Google in many ways, and we’ll see if it works for Apple.

Apple vs. Google at WWDC20

All Apple systems have been updated with many new features, iOS 14, iPadOS, macOS Big Sur or watchOS 7 include interesting improvements, and many of them will directly compete with Google solutions.

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Translate, the Google Translate competition

One of the new apps included in iOS 14 by default. Google Translate is probably the most used translator, but now a competitor has appeared on the iPhone that could be up to the task. The application has a simple and brilliant design with which you can translate both writing and speakingIt’s even quite easy to follow a conversation.


In addition, the Apple translator is also included in Siri and Safari for macOS Big Sur, something that Google Translate does not offer and that is a great advantage. But it is not the only one. The Apple translator performs all the operations on our device without connecting to an external server and without sending our information, which Google cannot presume. It’s the The Apple Translate app is much more careful with our privacy and it works offline.

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Chrome extensions in Safari

Something that may have gone unnoticed but that is important. Many Mac users use Chrome instead of Safari, and Apple has decided to upgrade its browser to compete with Google. For one thing, speed has improved, loading websites up to 50% faster than Chrome on macOS Big Sur, and on the other hand, we have the new extensions.

Many users use Chrome due to the different extensions available and which enhance the internet browsing experience in many ways. Apple improved extensions in Safari and gave developers tools to help them migrate your extensions from Chrome to Safari very easily.

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IOS 14 widgets

There is no doubt that IOS 14 widgets remind us of what we can see on Android, although they have a very Apple style. We already know that it’s not really a copy, Apple has been using widgets in its operating systems for many years, long before Android existed.

iOS 14

However, by offering them on iOS, all potential users who had an Android for widgets and personalization now have the option of switching to iOS without losing these functions.

Maps improvements to compete with Google Maps

The cards have improved considerably since its introduction and in recent years Apple Makes Important Decisions To Be A Much More Strong Competitor To Google Maps. Last year very interesting news arrived and now with iOS 14 we are seeing improvements again.

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Apple Cards

Apple Maps has added four major improvements to iOS 14: Detailed cycling routes, areas restricted to traffic by pollution, charging stations for electric vehicles on the map and city guides. Google offers something similar in terms of guides, although Apple’s are created by people, not algorithms.

Search, not to enter Google

Apple doesn’t have its own search engine, at least for the time being, but it does have a search option that has improved considerably in iOS 14 and iPadOS. It is not a search engine, but you can replace it in many cases. In addition to searching for apps or content on the device, the new research on iOS and iPadOS allows us to find answers on the web and go directly to certain pages. We will not have to enter Safari and search on Google, we can skip this step.

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As we see, many of the innovations presented by Apple are very focused on competition with various Google servicesWe see how this bet comes out for the company and if it can take part of its cake from Google.

Source : ipadizate.es