Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: everything we already know.

Already with E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) underway, both Microsoft and Sony have presented their next-generation consoles. Although they have not yet seen the light of day on the market, we already know, in addition to their technical characteristics, other data such as prices, launch, exclusive games, and of course the controversy that the second-hand market has caused. That is why we present this comparison of Xbox One vs PlayStation 4.

We start talking about the price. We already know how much we will have to scratch our pockets for both video consoles: Microsoft’s Xbox One will cost a whopping €499, although it will include the Kinect camera (which on the other hand will be mandatory, something that the general public has not liked at all) and a disc 500Gb internal hard drive. On the other hand, Sony has announced that its PS4 will cost €100 less, €399, but will not include the PS4 Eye camera and will only come with a DualShock 4 controller.

The parodies regarding the price of these two consoles have not been long in coming, such as this video. We emphasize that it is a parody, it is not what actually happened.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: everything we already know

We continue with the release date. Both companies intend to take advantage of the pull of the Christmas campaign, and for this reason they will be launched just before. In fact, it is expected that they can be purchased at the end of November or beginning of December.

As for exclusive games, it is already known that the new Microsoft console will feature titles such as Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Halo, Killer Instinct, Plants vs Zombines – Garden Warfare, Titanfall, Spark, Quantum Break, Ryse – Son of Rome or Project Spark. On the other hand, Sony has announced exclusive games for its console such as DriveClub, inFAMOUS – Second Son, Knack, The Dark Sorcerer, The Order 1886 or Killzone – Shadow Fall. In this aspect we personally believe that Microsoft has a clear advantage.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: everything we already know

We are now going to discuss the controversial second-hand market. This aspect has been heavily rumored and criticized, since it was commented that Microsoft would associate each game with a specific ID and to be able to play a game on another console, you would have to pay for it again. Apparently, Microsoft has decided to leave this power to game developers, but what is certain is that they will force the license to be transferred between accounts, probably charging some kind of commission. On the other hand, Sony will continue with the same second-hand model that was on PS3, so the games can be bought second-hand as always. Point for Sony, at least for now.

There are other controversial aspects regarding next-gen consoles, and the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One controversy is more red hot than ever. One of these aspects is the Online Game. As was the case with Xbox 360, those from Microsoft will require a monthly payment to enjoy the online features of their new console. Here the blow comes for those who buy the PS4, since unlike with PS3 where online play was free, now they will have to pay following the trail of what Microsoft has been doing for years.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: everything we already know

The last aspect to comment on is the permanent connection. This aspect has also created a lot of controversy on the networks in recent days. In principle, neither of the two consoles requires a permanent Internet connection, but Microsoft’s Xbox One requires the user to connect at least once every 24 hours to be able to continue playing online, otherwise only some functions can be used. basic console (PS4 not).

And we ask ourselves, what happens if we run out of Internet due to a cut for more than 24 hours? Or we say more, what happens when we go, for example, a week of vacation? Or that you just don’t feel like playing the console for a few days. Apparently Microsoft is going to have to clarify many things if it intends to sell its game console, since from our point of view, with the information that we already know, those of Sony have everything to win.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: everything we already know

And you, what do you think? Will you buy either of the two consoles?