Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo team up for online player safety.

The big three brands of console video games, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation, come together to protect their users and their online privacy.

Video games have become the main engine of world entertainment, and consoles are great protagonists in the lives of men, women and children. Especially today, with the rise of online gaming, online communities, streaming channels, and parental control.

Xbox Wire announces that the three major console video game brands, that is, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation, come together to create a prevention and safety plan for users of their communities. The arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S further enhances this new initiative.

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo team up for online player safety

This plan is in charge of protecting the integrity and safety of online users, as well as respect and cordiality in online games, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone or FIFA 21. Without losing your eye on parental control and the safety of the little ones while playing with users from all over the world.

The initiative is based on a series of points, which have been approved by Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation for your platforms online game, in order to regulate that the community is respectful to each other, and bury the console war forever.

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo team up for online player safety
  • We offer all kinds of settings to give our players the best online experience.
  • We support parents to advise their children and that they live respectful and correct experiences.
  • We strengthen our support and help platforms for online users, both for customer service and the guides on our web pages.
  • We inform about the rules of our communities, as well as certain conditions and terms of use for our online services.
  • We have improved our tools to avoid bad behavior, online harassment and bad practices in multiplayer games.
  • We are strengthening our alliance with age rating agencies for our games, such as PEGI or ESRB.
  • We believe in the cooperation and companionship of our communities, to welcome the little ones and maintain correct behaviors.
  • We collaborate with platforms, organizations and security entities, as well as security forces and cyberbullying prevention.
  • We persecute illegality, crimes and everything that violates the norms of our community, banning those who violate our norms.

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There are other points in the comunicate of Xbox Wire, but these are the most important. All this makes up a prevention policy to help the functioning of the communities of PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox be the most satisfactory for users.

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo team up for online player safety

What do you think these measures? Do you think the community complies with them? Today it is important to keep a healthy, respectful gaming community and whose main objective is to have fun. After all, that’s what we play video games for.