Xbox understands the power of gaming and is committed to making it even more fun by creating positive gaming experiences that are safe, inclusive, and accessible for all gamers. Xbox also knows that security is a common concern for people, many of whom will be spending more time gaming as the holidays approach.

To address some of these concerns, Xbox has published its first Digital Transparency Report, which covers a series of actions taken to moderate content, protect players on the platform, and foster a positive environment where all Players can control what they see and experience through customizable settings and message filters. The main points to keep in mind are:

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Xbox is taking steps to deliver better experiences. The Xbox team took more than 4.33 million proactive actions against inauthentic accounts, representing 57% of the total actions taken during the reporting period. Inauthentic accounts are often automated or bot-created accounts that can disrupt the player experience. This proactive moderation, which has increased 9-fold over the same period last year, allows Xbox to detect negative content and behavior before it reaches players. Xbox continues to invest in and improve its technology so players can have safe, positive, and welcoming experiences.

Players are custodians of the community. Player reporting is a critical component of Xbox’s approach to security. Along with increasing proactive security measures, investing in scanning and filtering technologies, and educating the Xbox Ambassador community, reporting helps Xbox improve its work to better protect gamers. Xbox gamers provided more than 33 million reports in this period, with communications (46%) and conduct (43%) accounting for the most player concerns. Content moderation officers are present 24/7/365 to ensure that content and behavior on the platform adheres to Xbox Community Guidelines.

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Players are in control. Every player is different, and preferences for content and experiences are not the same for everyone. Xbox offers gamers a number of ways to customize their settings, from message filters to parental controls, at any point in their Xbox experience. These settings allow gamers to manage the type of content they see and experience during their gaming experiences, whether on PC, console, or anywhere with Xbox Cloud Gaming. It will be up to players, friends and family members to take control and implement the settings that are right for them.