After confirming that it was already working on a new generation console, at E3 2018, Microsoft generated a lot of speculation around different models of Xbox Project Scarlett.

Also in June 2018, Brad Sams advanced the code name Scarlett and talked about the possibility that Xbox Project Scarlett corresponds to a family of devices. However, at E3 2019, Phil Spencer spoke only of one console, which will arrive in 2020.

In the same interview in which he suggested the reveal of the new Fable only in 2020, Matt Booty, manager of Microsoft Game Studios, was asked about Microsoft’s alleged plan to launch two new generation consoles (or two different models of the same console, if you prefer) ), responding that they only have one console to launch.

Project Scarlett is our console plan for 2020“replied Booty about E3 2018 when Phil Spencer talked about” consoles “.

Given the insistence on using the term console and not consoles, Booty reaffirmed that the plan for 2020 is Xbox Project Scarlett and that there is nothing more to announce.

The powerful Xbox Project Scarlett will have 8K capacity and support for ray-tracing, scheduled for Christmas 2020 with Halo: Infinite and will be equipped with a disc player.

In an era in which the digital format gains more market share, some speculations suggested that Microsoft could bet on an exclusively digital device, but that will not happen.

Yes, Scarlett will have a disc player, “confirms Booty.

“I still have films at home in physical format – not many, but some of my favorites. We know that people are keen on buying disk games to build a collection.”