Xbox Series S | Advantages of buying the console.

o The Xbox Series S was widely celebrated by analysts and gamers when announced.

Microsoft’s promise was to deliver a console capable of bringing all the benefits and improvements of the new generation, but at a more affordable price.

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

In order to provide more people could be updated with the latest in the console segment of the company.

In Brazil, its suggested price is BRL 2,799, a little more than the Xbox One S cost until recently.

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

Its differences to the Xbox Series X are not that many, but they are important.

Series S has less firepower, but is able to bring graphical improvements and provide next-gen gaming, with shorter loading times, greater fluidity in games, 120 FPS frame rates and, in some cases, even the Ray Tracing (A feature most requested by console gamers and previously restricted to PC gaming).

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

Technical information

Processor is exactly the same: a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2, but with maximum clock reduced to 3.6 GHz for the sake of energy and thermal efficiency.

The GPU, in turn, brings with it the same architecture as Series X, the brand new RDNA 2, from AMD, but it has less firepower: only 20 computational units running at 1565 MHz and firepower of 4 TFLOPS.

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

The 16GB GDDR6 memory went to 10GB in 128-bit interface, which will be segmented into 8GB for gaming (224GB/s bandwidth) and 2GB for system and other activities (56GB/sec).

Storage is smaller and instead of 1TB, the console has 512GB available, but with the same NVMe technology.

Okay, isn’t it worth bringing a bunch of technical information and not explaining how it affects us in practice?

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

Very Simple: everything is very fast inside the Xbox Series S.

From setting up for the first use to the moment we’re playing, everything happens one way much faster and more fluid than a generation ago, Xbox One X, for example.

But, the sign that we are really in a new generation comes in the first moments of the functioning of a game: the loading time.

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

See a gameplay below, which portrays well the power of the Xbox Series S:

Game Country

Microsoft’s Game Pass service is an unparalleled advantage for Xbox gamers, as often some release of a particular game can directly come out on that system and players enjoy the best way possible (only spending on the Pass subscription).

When we talk about the Game Pass, we’re talking about a service equal to Netflix for games, with the value of a single monthly subscription guaranteeing a rotating pool of more than a hundred titles, between big names in the industry and smaller titles than that fall short in quality.

Not to mention, of course, exclusive games.

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

Design Series S

If the Xbox Series X bets on a more robust design, the Series S goes in the opposite direction and delivers an extremely small machine, but bringing the same qualities: a very silent device. It would be untrue if we say that the Xbox Series S is ugly, because it is far from the case.

However, in terms of comparison, Series S in the new generation is smaller than the fat consoles of the last generation.

Redesigned Series S Control

As much as it looks identical to the controller of the last generation, with the same button layout, P2 connection for headphones and input for accessories.

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

So this controller is slightly smaller, and now it also has USB-C input and brings advanced technological features.

An example of this is Dynamic Input Latency (DLI), which basically makes the console refresh the command signal reception more often and guarantees a much better response time.

Only Disappointment of Series S

The new generation controller still uses batteries and does not have the Play and Charge kit from the factory.

It would be ideal if the battery came from the factory with the product, bringing the best so that the player can enjoy the exclusives, without having to worry about the battery running out.

Finally, be aware that the old Play and Charge battery still works with the new controller.

Best Value for the Series S

Taking into account all the technical information and your experience of use, it is worth buying one Xbox Series S, regardless if you are a more casual or Pro player.

Endowed with all the technologies present in its bigger brother, the Xbox Series X, the Series S can indeed deliver a new generation experience.

Finally, to ensure your Xbox Series S and not be left out of all the news and features that the new generation offers, the console is already on Amazon and you can purchase yours at the link below:

Xbox Series S |  Advantages of buying the console

But is it worth the Console?

Coming with an unprecedented proposal in the console market in a great generational leap, offering game quality identical to the Xbox Series X.

But at a very low price, something that can be attractive to certain target audiences and people who are not willing to invest a lot of money.

So the final answer is YES, it’s worth buying the next-gen console and enjoying the full potential of this beautiful Xbox and also play a lot of the games from Game Pass.