As Sony continues its radio silence on the PS5, making many fans nervous with an attitude that is becoming almost disgusting, Microsoft is undoubtedly much more open and communicative when it comes to Xbox Series X and the future of the next generation of the games division. What is certain is that in the last few days not everything has gone well with what could be considered communication errors that should not be underestimated in the path that will lead us. when the consoles are launched.

The latest Inside Xbox was criticized by many and Aaron Greenberg himself admitted that in terms of communication he could have acted differently. The problem is that another problem shows missteps from this very point of view. What are we talking about? of standard frame rate guaranteed or not by Xbox Series X.

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This is Greenberg, marketing manager of the Xbox division, one of the first to broach the subject: 60 fps as standard with the possibility of reaching 120 fps. Obviously, the reaction was very positive because the possibility of always having 60 fps in combination with 4K would be a very important step forward for the world of the console and finally a sign of the importance of a frequency d too often. abused to talk about it continuously resolution.

But then Jason Ronald, the central creative designer of the Xbox Series X, thought of changing the cards on the table with no small detail: 60 fps? Developers will choose, it’s part of their creative freedoms. A clear example of this creative freedom comes from Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, which currently runs at 30fps and which, unless changes in the coming months are expected to deliver the coveted 60fps.

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Now the words of Tom Warren from The Verge and the subsequent explanation from Greenberg himself have arrived:

“Xbox Series X games will not run at 60 fps as ‘standard out’. Microsoft explained to me: “It’s ultimately up to individual developers to decide how to balance the power and speed of the Xbox Series X”Warren said, which was echoed by Aaron Greenberg himself:

“Developers always have the flexibility to choose how to exploit the available power and therefore a standard or having 60 fps as something common is not a requirement”.

Simply put? The situation is similar to that of the current generation with the difference, obviously very important, of the availability of consoles much better performing than the PS4, Xbox One and related mid-generation hardware. There is nothing standard or much less mandatory so just hope in the possibility of choosing in first person with selectable modes in the game or having developers who focus on frame rate rather than unnecessary pindaric flights like 8K or effects Cutting edge graphics, beautiful but very heavy in performance.

We also hope that in the future there will immediately be more clarity than excellent phrases for marketing, but which will then need to be corrected or explained in detail after a few days with disclaimers of all kinds.

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