Xbox reportedly told the developers that they wouldn’t be able to sell game upgrades to the Xbox Series X version as DLC, as an alternative to Smart delivery.

According to editorial sources familiar with the next generation policies of Microsoft, who told VGC that companies working on cross-generational games have been encouraged to offer both the current and next-gen version at no additional cost, through Smart Delivery or their programs, such as EA’s Double Right.

However, developers and publishers who choose not to support smart delivery can still offer users a discount on purchasing a second, next-gen version of the game from the Microsoft Store. In theory, third-party publishers can also charge for physical game upgrades through their own programs, such as through reseller promotions.

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So far, all of the games publicly advertised as ‘next gen upgrades’, including FIFA 21, Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, can only be purchased once and played on the generation. current and the new generation.

However, it is clear that Microsoft wants to offer publishers and developers a plethora of options on how to sell their games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, even if they do not adopt the recommended policies.

Xbox developers who don’t support smart delivery also have the option of selling packs with two games, in disc or digital format, which include separate Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions of a game.

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This is the method 2K has decided to adopt with NBA 2K21, which will not offer any type of free upgrade to the next gen, but will sell a bundle starting at $ 99.99 that includes the Xbox One and Xbox Series X or PS4 and PS5. Game.

In a statement sent to VGC, a Microsoft spokesperson said that “ developers and publishers ultimately decide how to distribute their games and we work with them to deliver the best possible experience based on their needs« .

The Smart Delivery initiative allows consumers to purchase a multi-generation game on Xbox One or Xbox Series X and unlock the other version at no additional cost.

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This allows gamers, for example, to buy Halo Infinite on Xbox One, so if they decide to buy an Xbox Series X later, they’ll get the fully optimized version of Infinite at no additional cost.

Cross-gen games that don’t support smart delivery will be treated separately in the Xbox ecosystem, VGC said, with just a few Xbox Live elements – like multiplayer – unifying versions across generations. For example, NBA 2K21, which “works” outside of the Smart Delivery ecosystem, will not share some save data between different generations.

In contrast, Smart Delivery games will share all of the Xbox Live stuff – including save games, achievements, and more – and launch the appropriate versions for each console regardless of the game disc inserted.

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Source: VGC.

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