Xbox Series X hardware will power Project xCloud in 2021

Project xCloud will represent one of the most important pieces of Microsoft’s strategy for the Xbox division, allowing its games to be available on as many devices as possible.

Through the video game streaming service, you can play Xbox games anywhere, anytime, enjoying full compatibility with anyone who plays on the console or PC.

Currently, the xCloud service has Xbox One S hardware to present its games, but as revealed by Tom Warren of The Verge, in 2021 Microsoft will transition to Xbox Series X hardware and the potential for this change is enormous.

According to Warren, xCloud will arrive in late 2021 and in an effort to promote the streaming service, Microsoft will create a bundle in which it will be included with the Xbox Game Pass, the company’s popular service.

In this way, Microsoft expects you to feel like joining the Xbox Game Pass and xCloud, playing on the console when you’re at home with the possibility to continue the same game on a mobile device when you leave home.

However, the move to Xbox Series X hardware is the highlight because it will allow xCloud to present better quality and expand the possibilities available to the streaming service.

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