Launching a console into the world is a long and complicated process: not only do you have to consider the time to fill the stores with new equipment, but also to physically build the individual units. It should also not be forgotten that when it comes to consoles, each component is manufactured and assembled in different factories, which increases production times.

This is why, due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, many suspect that next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 is Xbox Series Xwill not be available later this year, as the quarantine has slowed down many factories and therefore blocked the production line.

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Fortunately, it looks like at least the Xbox Series X has got off to a good start, as Microsoft confirmed that production of the console has already started.

Specifically, this was confirmed by the French division of Microsoft, which also claimed that France was considered one of the “priority” countries for Xbox.

Here is what was said by Ina Gelbert, Director of Xbox France, answering doubts about a coronavirus reference:

« What we have chosen for this launch is to be present in more countries than the launch of the Xbox One. Today, I see no risk for France. But if tomorrow, a few days after launch, there will be a huge quarantine around the world, there isn’t much we can do. Either way, in our current plans we have launch units. France is in the priority countries.« .

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When asked if the Xbox Series X was already in production, Gelbert replied:

« Oh yes. It is very difficult to start such consoles, given the number of components, etc. Factory guidelines… There is a lot of work.« .

In summary, the Xbox Series X is currently in production and France will be one of the most important countries for the distribution of the console. However, Gelbert does not rule out that the coronavirus, if not contained in the coming months, could change Microsoft’s plans. Obviously, for this last point, we will have to wait for the situation to evolve.

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We don’t know if the PlayStation 5 is currently in production, but the timing should be more or less similar for the two. We look forward to receiving any confirmation from Sony.

What do you think? Do you think next-gen consoles will hit shelves later this year, or is the postponement in the air?

Source: VG247

Source: Reddit