We’re almost at the next generation of consoles. Even with the current state of affairs in the world, the corona pandemic. But both Sony and Microsoft are still hanging on to that 2020 launch, mainly Microsoft. We’ve seen a lot of pieces on the specs, we’ve seen a few titles, but the biggest mystery is the price. There are some rumors when it comes to the price, which applies to both consoles. The head of Xbox gives away a small piece of the veil.

Phil Spencer has had an interview with IGN, where most of the time was about the Series X. When asked about the price, unfortunately, there was no clear answer, more that Microsoft is happy with the price they have in mind.

“I feel good about the price that we’re going to be able to get to. I feel good about the price and the performance capabilities that we have with Series X. “We’re getting incredible support from Microsoft. Satya Nadella, the CEO, my boss, Amy Hood, the CFO, they’re very linked in to what our plans are,” said Phil. “We’re going to make sure that we stay agile on our pricing and that we have a good plan going into launch.”

He also continued in the interview on whether the launch was going to be made, with all the problems in the production. But as it stands there will be no delay.

“I’d say pragmatically the supply chains in China have started to come back. I think we’ve seen that in the news that China was obviously earlier in dealing with C-19 before it spread and I think that we can see in the factories and stuff we’re starting to get reports back from them and that that’s working for us. The two big issues we’re kind of monitoring right now, you know, building a video game from home — a large distributed team of hundreds of people is not easy. Video games as we know right now are big and there’s huge massive asset bases that each one of these games have and how you transition I think all those things are…we’re just kind of living.

On the hardware platform side, I think I made it public when I had my Series X at home and I’m using it for testing. As much as I have a great time doing that, that kind of time with the console is important and we want to make sure that we’ve got the right amount of time for the platform tech that we’re putting in place to get all the testing done so we’ve had to move a lot of that testing in the homes. I’d say things right now aren’t easy. I think things are stretched I can feel it in the teams, they’re stretched. We have nothing right now that says we’re not going to make the dates that we’ve been planning, but I’ll also say it, as I said earlier, this is kind of real-time stuff and I’m gonna put the safety and security of the teams at the top along with the quality product. Like, I don’t want to rush a product out if it’s not ready. So, feeling good but also just being eyes wide open.”