With the imminent release of next generation consoles and new GPUs Nvidia is AMD, the comparison is always obvious: has the PC world already reached and surpassed the very powerful next-gen consoles? The consoles of Sony is Microsoft are they powerful enough to remain relevant for years to come or are they already obsolete?

These and many other technical questions … we won’t care today, because this time Digital Foundry he wanted to make a comparison different from the usual. Having in his hands both the new top of the range from Nvidia, the RTX 3090, they noticed one thing: the GPU size is off the charts. At 12.3 inches, this is a graphics card just under the size of a premature baby.

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Since DF is also looking into a console Xbox Series X, distributed by Microsoft to them and many other influencers, the material comparison was a must. The result can be seen in the tweet at the bottom of the news: the RTX 3090 is much larger than the Xbox Series X, which measures “only” 11.8 inches (30 centimeters) in height.

Of course, this comparison was only made to highlight the astronomical size of Nvidia’s new graphics card, but performance analyzes reveal the reasons behind this gigantism: 24GB GDDR6X of memory, 36 TFLOPs for Shaders, 69 TFLOPs of RTX and 285 TFLOPs Tensor.

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Let’s say that both PS5 and Xbox Series X have been surpassed in style, even if, of course, the final price of a PC with a 3090 (which, by default, starts at € 1500) goes well beyond the purchase of 3-4 consoles. .

The RTX 3090 FE really is longer than Xbox Series X is tall … pic.twitter.com/UXCJbat9bW

– Digital Foundry (@digitalfoundry) September 25, 2020

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Xbox Series X may be a compact and easy to place console, but do you have the space to install an RTX 3090 (and support it) in your PC?

Source: Twitter