I get to the game in the cloud very skeptical. With the song from the YouTube videos running on pedals, having had issues with SteamLink when pulling the WiFi, a similar situation with PS Now, and having seen the Stadia balloon slowly deflate, play Xbox One games on mobile It didn’t sound too optimistic yesterday.

Today? Today, I firmly believe in what this technology has in store for us. To my surprise, the Xbox Game Pass beta on Android is very close to being a great ecosystem. A brutal experience which, without sounding like a good substitute for anything, is a wonderful addition current options.

My first few hours with cloud gaming

It looks like witchcraft. And wherever there is witchcraft, there will always be an inquisitor trying to ruin the cake. XCloud cloud gaming is the one that dictates that despite what promotional messages may scream from the rooftops, all is not worth play in conditions.

From the phone you’re playing from to the controller you’re using and, of course, how commendable your connection and internet carrier can be, there’s many factors to consider when it comes to getting the best performance from this gaming system.

The adventure began with, apparently, best conditions. While it is true that pulling up my usual phone – an iPhone 11 – would have been the best option, I’m not complaining because I have another device on hand that might just be a device better equipped for this task: the Razer. Phone from the end of 2017.

After a first fight which led me to uninstall the Xbox Game Pass (Beta) application and clear Google Play Store cache, the third installation is the charm and the possibility of playing in the cloud appears in the terminal. I can start playing now.

Something as simple as clicking on the game you want to try and a loading screen will take you there.

I choose, to test the material, something as demanding visually as in terms of control– The spectacular beauty and breathtaking curves of Forza Horizon 4.

And what about the first. From the start, the game is amazing. So impressive how to have a portable Xbox One in the palm of your hands. Brightness, reflections and performance that are not at all at odds with what I have next to a TV screen.

XCloud and Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming on Android is a thing of witchcraft, but input lag may be your new Inquisition

Shadow of input lag

Unfortunately, the input lag makes it look like the game is playing on pedals and, after checking the connection speed I’m getting from my 100 Mo, I see the Razer Phone is only getting about 25MB of download. Play with another terminal to see if there is more luck.

I decide to try two more phones: a Huawei P20 and a Redmi Note 6. They are nothing fancy, at least by current standards, but surprisingly I hit 100 Mb with which I should be more than enough . Unfortunately, the actions of the control are still not appreciated at an acceptable speed and driving becomes almost impossible.

It is not possible. The game looks luxurious, even running straight ahead and throwing the case on the map. Something is wrong. This is when the bulb comes on: control.

I play with a DualShock 4 via Bluetooth And, apparently, the ideal is to do it with an Xbox One controller. Unfortunately, the ones I have at home don’t work over Bluetooth, so I need to find a solution. What if I connect it by cable?

USB-C male to USB female adapter and therefore the DualShock 4 cable to the controller. Since then not the most comfortable way to play, but since the light is on in the game – after showing me a rainy night with outrageous graphics – it does so at the control level as well.

A fantastic experience that can be even more so

XCloud and Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming on Android is a thing of witchcraft, but input lag may be your new Inquisition

The input lag is something appreciable for the discerning eye. Thousands of seconds that still make the difference between playing locally or via the cloud, but They are not by far an obstacle to the game casually. Not only can I run competitions, I can win them too, and the frustration that I carried on my shoulders for the last hour is completely gone. xCloud click on my head.

Playing with the rest of the games available, 39 in total and including recent gems like Streets of Rage 4 or Grounded, feels the same. Everything looks great and almost perfect control. It is the best excuse to convert any skeptic into believing.

With a very comfortable app and exemplary service, only those details about finding the device, operating it and making the proper connection fall between the success of xCloud and its arrival to the masses.

This is precisely where the recent deal with Samsung becomes important and, ultimately, where Microsoft be so clear about your priorities for the next generation.

XCloud and Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming on Android is a thing of witchcraft, but input lag may be your new Inquisition

Yes Xbox Game Pass that was the future, add the game to the cloud of xCloud is to put a DeLorean embedded in her butt and send her several years ahead of time. Knowing that there is still much to do, the letters of Microsoft start to become clear.

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