The phrase “ideal for Switch” is used for everything in a row, from large-scale role-playing games to sports simulations. But it is best suited for turn-based tactics. However, there aren’t many games of this genre on the hybrid console: exclusive Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battlebelle In the gapshockingly bad behavior Mutant of the Year Zero and a few similar projects. Now, a fairly significant facial reconstruction has appeared on this list. Xcom 2 – Critical tactic and loved by players, Tactics came to Switch through the efforts of the team. Virtuous.

Always pushed

Transferring a game from the current consoles to a platform that is not the most powerful compared to them is not an easy task. If we take the big budget blockbusters, which were ported to the Switch several years later, almost all of them were originally released on PS3 and X360. But there are also miracles when even with the PS4 / XB1 they manage to “squeeze” games like The Witcher 3 – With low resolution, textures not very high quality, but still. This is Xcom 2 You can’t call it an exemplary port: everything works, there are no critical errors, but the result is imperfect.

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You run into problems whether you are on the base or on a mission. The faults are different everywhere, but we see them constantly: the omnipresent “stairs”. In character videos, the camera does not turn off often and “loud” objects are very distracting. Obviously, on the console screen it is not as obvious as on the television: in stationary mode, the lack of smoothing is remembered over and over again.

XCOM 2 collection on Switch: not without errors

All of the characters, at least in the plot clips, look great.

At the same time, the graphics can hardly be called bad, especially given the performance of high-quality character models, whether they are opponents, team members, or headquarters staff. Environment textures have of course suffered, but it would be strange to expect something more from the port on Switch. But the fact that shadows sometimes have such a low resolution that you can literally count the number of large pixel disturbances.

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The gameplay is also not working properly. First of all, videos on the engine are often played at a lower frame rate. The arrival of reinforcements, a race towards the target with a jump through the glass, shooting with a sniper rifle: it is difficult not to notice up to 20 instead of 30 fps for a while Do not spoil in a significative way. But the lack of stable fps can in no way be considered a disadvantage.

XCOM 2 collection on Switch: not without errors

A young woman is almost guaranteed.

Second, when you move the camera around, you often see how objects and textures are loaded. It literally happens in a fraction of a second – you don’t have to wait for shelter to appear. However, in these times, the feeling that you are going Xcom 2 on a platform not intended for such “heavy” games. The authors might even have had to reduce the screen resolution a bit to get rid of bad shadows and similar visual errors.

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Otherwise, the game is more or less correctly transferred to the hybrid console. Of course, there is no change from the other versions: the detachment lands on a location, searches for a target, in a limited number of hits it must be removed. The controls are convenient and clear, and celebrities don’t shoot from a shotgun near nowhere – those are the rules of the game, and you have to follow them. If the idea itself Xcom and Xcom 2 for example, from the version for Switch, you will receive the same positive emotions as everyone else.

It might be better

In stationary mode, the port looks decent (except for “the ladder”), and when the camera is over the battlefield, the game is hard to distinguish from versions for other platforms. In portable mode, the graphics are more “soapy”, which is particularly noticeable at headquarters: the situation is better on the battlefield, and the interface elements do not blend into the environment. Basically, the blur does not interfere too much, but, for example, it is impossible to look at the screen with all the compartments without tears: the seat seems to be submerged under water.XCOM 2 collection on Switch: not without errors

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It’s probably obvious, but with ‘drifting’ sticks you often don’t do exactly what you want.

Text reads well in portable mode. The font, of course, is small, but without redesigning the interface, it was hardly possible to increase it like this. Sometimes you have to look, but there is no difficulty in understanding. Most texts are printed clearly in stationary and portable mode. Although in some cases “contamination” is also found in these, for example in investigation reports.

There are no exclusive features for Switch. It’s a shame: the touchscreen support in such a game would be useful both on tasks and when moving between compartments in the room. Moreover, the latest game has been released even on mobile devices, which means that such control for this series is nothing new. Also, you can’t record videos here, a frequent occurrence of ports from actual consoles (that was also on Surveillance and The Witcher 3) But in addition to the usual Xcom 2 great addition available War of the elect, which in its scale resembles a separate game. You can start it directly from the main menu. In total, it occupies 24.3 GB on the console and is only sold in digital format.

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XCOM 2 collection on Switch: not without errors

Screenshots taken in laptop mode look scary, but everything looks better on the console screen.


Collection XCOM 2 – Huge, deep game with an interesting tactical component and plenty of opportunities outside of battles. You can spend a hundred hours there, and if you don’t feel like sitting in front of the TV or the computer, the Switch version is ideal. However, the port, unfortunately, is not of the highest quality – some graphics flaws and performance issues, though expected, spoil the print slightly. In portable mode, they’re easier to tolerate, but you don’t have to wait for the perfect job, at least until the fixes are released. .

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Source: The Verge