Xiami’s Amazfit is currently one of the most important manufacturers of smart watches in the world. Its fame makes it one of the favorites when buying a smart watch. Besides all the functions has a beautiful design, small and attractive when dressing. Today we present the latest models to hit the market.

Amazfit GTS 2 mini.

It is very similar to the previous version, the standard GTS, it has some improvements that make it more attractive to the knowledgeable public, this watch is very similar to its predecessor, with some differencesits size of 40.5 x 35.8 x 8.95 mm, slightly smaller than the standard GTS makes it lighter, about 19.5 g (without strap).

As for its battery, although it is smaller and has a smaller capacity, 220mAh, it does not detract from its functionality at all, since the size of its screen, AMOLED 1.55″ 354 x 306makes it save energy, which is why it can work for 21 continuous days in basic mode and about seven days in intensive mode of use.

On the other hand, it has an Amazfit OS software, optical heart rate monitor, blood oxygen measurement, SpO2, accelerometer, bluetooth 5.0 BLE, NFC and microphone. It comes in three different colors, pine green, obsidian black and pink, for men and women. Its price is approximately 89 euros.

Amazfit Pop Pro

Less than three months after the launch of Amazfit Pop, Xiomi will launch the Amazfit Pop Pro on the market, the company states that this improved version will be available as of December 1, 2020. We must clarify that this is a watch focused on sports and designed for athletes.

This smartwatch is logically based on its predecessor, the Amazfit Pop, with its corresponding system improvements, with a LCD screen with better definition and size of 1.43 inches, with a definition of 320 X 302 pixels, saves energy and gives you a usage time of up to 9 days on a single charge, thanks to its 225 mAh battery. As well as a built-in microphone.

It also has bluetooth 5, waterproof and thanks to its Amazfit PAI technology, It allows monitoring of up to 60 different sports, but its biggest difference, compared to its predecessor, lies in its high-precision integrated GPS connectivity, according to the manufacturer. It is available in the market since December 2020 and comes in black, green and pink.

The price of this is approximately 51 euros, which makes it one of the cheapest smartwatches on the market Right now, let’s hope that both the Amazfit GTS 2 mini and the Xioami Amazfit Pop Pro meet the expectations of buyers, so far everything seems to point to that. Let’s wait to see what new smart watches this company surprises us with in 2021.