Check out apps from a proprietary layer to bring them to google play It is a strategy that is being followed more and more, even ARM will take the pilots of its graphics there. The idea is that this way the app can be updated faster and easier, because it doesn’t upload the work to the developer or the company that produces it, but it shortens the wait times.

The last to take this decision was Xiaomi, which had done so in the past, such as with Mi Explorer. The app that now leaves the nest is Security, MIUI’s internal security application and that we can already find on Google Play, completely free and, yes, exclusively for Xiaomi mobile devices and tablets. At least for the moment.

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Xiaomi Security on Google Play

Security is the application built into MIUI which is in charge, as its own name is already in charge of revealing, of the security of Xiaomi phones. We are not talking about an antivirus to use but an application that allows us block apps with suspicious activity, clean up unnecessary file system to make it work more smoothly or, for example, manage the battery with different saving modes.

Not only that, because the security is also in charge of the security of the whole system, like scanning every app that we download and install from Google Play or other sources, and also monitor that data usage, both in WiFi and in mobile networks, makes sense depending on the tasks we are performing, and thus avoid unwanted background processes.

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Security has long been fully integrated into MIUI, the Xiaomi cape, and even if it will continue doing so until further notice, its update system will now drop on Google Play. The app was partly separated from MIUI in order to speed up the speed of updates, which previously relied on more complex processes and workflows to update the layer itself, unlike other system apps besides Xiaomi. updates from its own app store.



So if we want we can install the new google play security so that the updates are faster and, therefore, our Xiaomi is now more secure. We will see what will happen in the future, because it is not excluded that Xiaomi directly activates the forced download of Google Play security in future versions of the application, freeing us from this first step.

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Source : Frandroid