As of this writing, we are only two days away from Xiaomi officially presenting the new Mi Band 5, renewal of the famous Mi Smart Band 4. Little by little, the company showed the bracelet on social networks, to the point that we already know almost completely its design and, thanks to the publications they have made today, some of its main features.

Among them, the Magnetic charging and camera remote control, two functions that will allow you not to have to remove the bracelet every time you charge it and to remotely control the camera of the mobile phone. These aren’t the only ones, so let’s learn them all.

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No need to remove the bracelet to charge it.

In the image on these lines and in this article on Weibo (in Chinese, of course), you can see the seven main features of the bracelet. On the one hand, the company ensures that it will have a larger OLED panel, something that matches the leaks that suggest it will be 1.2 inches. To put the figure in context, the screen of the Mi Smart Band 4 measures 0.95 inches. It will be in color, like its predecessor.

Regarding the sensors, Xiaomi has announced a “professional sensor update”. What does it mean? We will leave doubts on Thursday, but leaks have shown that the new Mi Band 5 will have a SpO2 sensor. It is used to measure the level of oxygen in the blood and is generally used to measure the phases of sleep more accurately and for more intense sports sessions.

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Mi Band 5 Pictures Xiaomi Mi Band 5 promotional images.

And speaking of sports, the Mi Band 5 will have 11 pre-installed modes. The Mi Band 4 has six: running outdoors, on a treadmill, cycling, walking, exercising, and swimming. The Mi Band 5 is expected to add yoga, elliptical, rowing, indoor cycling and skipping rope, five new modes. As for health, one of the confirmed innovations is a “health fashion for women“In other watches, this is typically used to maintain menstrual cycle control.

On the other hand, the bracelet will be equipped with NFC to enable mobile payments. This is not strictly new, as the current model has an NFC version. The point is that until now this version has always remained in China and never left its borders. However, a few days ago Xiaomi launched it in Russia, opening the door for your NFC bracelet to land in other territories. We will have to wait.

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Finally, the two most striking features are Magnetic charging and camera remote control. As any Mi Band user knows, in order to charge it you need to remove the device from the strap and insert it into its two-pin charger. This bracelet will not be necessary, because the magnetic charging port will be in the lower area and the cable can be attached without having to remove it. In the gif on these lines you can see how it works.

As for camera remote control, The name speaks for itself. If it works like in other devices, the most likely thing is that from the bracelet itself we can activate the shutter to take a photo remotely, which is great for group photos, for example. Anyway, we will have to wait until Thursday to answer your questions and know all the news.

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Source: Engadget