Mi Academy, Xiaomi’s training program for sales and service employees, Mi Fans and interested parties, continues to achieve success. The app, which is also available in the Netherlands/Belgium, is being expanded by Xiaomi with new content and a wider training offer by a complete section of the digital platform to focus on Android.

The Mi Academy app was launched in launched in October 2020 and the platform has more than 18,000 users to date*. Developed in collaboration with Google, the app provides training on Xiaomi products and Google’s applications running on Xiaomi’s smartphones. Thanks to the app, sales and service employees, Mi Fans and interested parties can easily stay up-to-date on all news about Xiaomi and have access to training courses, video material and self-assessment tests.

Ou Wen, Head of Western Europe at Xiaomi: “In the past year, digital transformation has gained momentum worldwide. The customer experience is not the only thing that has been turned upside down, that applies to the entire sales process and the retail sector. That’s why sales associates deserve extensive and in-depth training to expertly meet the needs of each customer. Thanks to our strong relationship with Google, we can always offer customers innovative and reliable products, but with this project we take an already successful collaboration a step further. It ensures that the knowledge and experience for the correct use of products and services are accessible to sales staff.”

Xiaomi refines the app, which is now also available for desktop, in partnership with Google by adding targeted training. In the app, it is possible to view specific content in the Google section, such as the Virtual Learning Lab, Self-Paced Learning, and product videos that enable sales and service representatives to participate in the Android Mobile Certification program. Xiaomi is currently the only smartphone company that offers access to this type of training directly through the Mi Academy.

Flavio Cavalli, Director WEU Retail Training Operations at Xiaomi: “We have worked closely with Google to create the most complete training offer possible. This is necessary because, when we talk about smartphones, we increasingly talk about the hardware and the software with which we equip our products. It is important to understand the interplay between those two elements.”

The My Community will also be involved in training with Google. They are asked to create in-depth videos and thematic tutorials. Xiaomi is giving a select few from the community the opportunity to access the Android Mobile Certification program. In addition, Xiaomi, in collaboration with Google, organizes activities and training for consumers with the support of Xiaomi and Google trainers. The corona measures that apply at that time are of course taken into account. Consider, for example, activities such as demonstrations to demonstrate how easy it is to switch from an old smartphone to a new smartphone via Xiaomi. This thanks to Android and Google apps and services that are always available on Xiaomi smartphones.

More information can be found at blog.mi.com/en.