Xiaomi forum moderators in Spain quit en bloc for the brand’s very aggressive marketing

The Xiaomi user community in Spain has lost the team of moderators who administered the forum. According to this team published in its farewell letter, the resignation comes because the moderators disagree with the way Xiaomi handles community marketing. Mi Community Spain is currently looking for new moderators.

The community around Xiaomi and its personalized MIUI layer is large and very active, unsurprisingly, and users have always been characterized by smooth communication. With official forums open in some countries where it operatesXiaomi also has one in Spain, the country where the brand became the leader in the distribution of smartphones in the first quarter of 2020. This is why the news that we found in the Spanish community is so surprising: the group of moderators has completely resigned. to disagree with Xiaomi’s policy.

Mi Community Spain staff resign together

A volume forum that Xiaomi has in Spain requires a set of moderators who are at all times attentive to what is written to answer questions, guide users to the corresponding discussions and eliminate comments that are not suitable for the community. It was precisely in one of these threads that the moderation team published its farewell letter after the bloc’s resignation. In the letter, they openly communicate their decision and the reasons: the former « staff » does not agree with Xiaomi’s strategy in the user community.

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As reflected in the letter of the team of moderators, written by the president of the Mi Fan Club of Spain and “super moderator” of the Spanish community of Mi, the resignation of the team is brought about by the aggressive marketing that Xiaomi projects to community users. According to the moderators,

« This decision is due to the change in local policies of Xiaomi Spain, with a commitment to a very aggressive marketing in which the original and local content of the Mi Fan is not valued and how the Mi Fans are increasingly moved to point that we are not at all important for the brand«

The former Mi Community Spain team resigned as motu proprio and without the brand having expelled its members. In view of the withdrawal of moderators, the community is looking for a new team to manage the Spanish forum, as stated in the forum.

Xiaomi forum moderators in Spain quit en bloc for the brand’s very aggressive marketing Announcement of the new call for moderators

We reached out to Xiaomi Spain for the company’s feedback on the resignation of the community moderation team. As we have more information, we will update this article.

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