Xiaomi has long been preparing the next step in the evolution of its proprietary layer, the MIUI which runs on Android in its products. MIUI 12 has already timidly leaked on some occasions and it seems that development is quite advanced, but it remains various discussions about software on the table And one of them may have emerged via Weibo, the dominant social network in China.

Thanks to her, we have known a publication of Xiaomi Camera Product Manager, which in turn was shared by Lei Jun himself, CEO of the company. In this publication, the director specifies that they are trying to choose between two interfaces for the future remodeling of the camera on their mobile phones. Two interfaces visible in both animations. By the way, Lei Jun seems to go for the second option, option B.

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Two menus to choose from: lower menu or side menu

Thanks to this publication, we know, or think we know, that Xiaomi is preparing an overhaul of its camera app. Specifically, I would now be working on how to bring up the extra options which are usually hidden in the second interface menus. Menus which are generally more hidden from the account and do not allow you to take advantage of the camera software properly, so Xiaomi seems to want to ease the way there.

For this, Xiaomi is in a moment of decision-making between versions 1 and 2. The first consists of a sliding menu from bottom to top It works similarly to the Android app drawer, as well as the MIUI drawer for some versions of its launcher. By using a swipe gesture (or pressing the Plus button), additional options would be displayed in the bottom (vertical) or right (horizontal) menu of the camera.

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The manager says that this option allows more information boards to be displayed with a single gesture, although this in turn is the most difficult for the company to implement, without more nuances than when sharing. With this option, the camera options would remain more accessible if you use the mobile with one hand, at the bottom of the screen.

In option B, it is proposed to include a “More” button on the right side of the camera menu, always visible. Clicking on it would make it appear a side menu from right to left with additional camera options and everything Xiaomi decided to remove from the main app window to help clean up the interface. We assume that this same menu could also be activated by a swipe gesture, as in the case of option A.

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Thus, Xiaomi offers two possible versions of its camera application between which it would be necessary to decide. One with a lower menu and the other with a side menu, each with their own pros and cons. As we said before, Lei Jun seems to go for menu B, the side, in his Weibo account, we’ll see which one is the one that ultimately wins the battle and ends up being implemented, we believe, in MIUI 12.

Source: Frandroid