A new quantification bracelet joins the Xiaomi catalog and, as we are already used to, the reduced price is its main advantage. For around 18 euros to change, le Xiaomi Mi Band 4C It is positioned as one of the cheapest activity bracelets on the market. And yes, if that sounds like by design, it’s because it’s practically a Redmi Band.

Recently from Xiaomi, they introduced the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with magnetic charge and menstrual cycle as star characteristics. This bracelet is not exactly expensive, it can be obtained for less than 25 euros in exchange, but Xiaomi added an even cheaper option with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C. Let’s see what he understands.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4C technical sheet



1.08 “color TFT and 200 nits of brightness, 128 * 220 pixels


58,69 x * 20,72 * x 16,52 mm
13 grams


Cardiac frequency


512 Ko de RAM
8 Mo




130 mAh battery
Up to 14 days




iOS and Android


Direct USB connection


From 159 HKD (around 18 euros)

Flat design, basic functions and two week battery life

The first thing that stands out in this new Xiaomi bracelet is its flat design. Unlike the curves we are used to in the Mi Band, in this the screen is completely rectangular and flat. Sensors inside, the absence of external buttons and silicone straps in different colors are all that can be seen on the strap at first glance.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C

Going into more detail, we find a 1.08 inch color TFT screen and limited to a resolution of 128 * 220 pixels. Such limitations will surely help the battery life with normal use to last two weeks per charge. The charge is also different, it does not have a charger but when removing the strap hidden inside a USB port to connect it directly to a charger or to a computer.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C

As for the internal specifications, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C has 512KB of RAM and 8MB of storage. Fair and enough for monitor sleep, take heart rate, receive notifications and monitor movements during the day as well as five sports: running, walking, cycling, treadmill and free training.

The Mi Band 4C in principle has no problems to be used in water sports or any other similar activity, because it has a resistance of 5 ATM. Finally, it is remarkable its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity (the only one it has), which allows you both to communicate with the mobile application and to receive incoming notifications on the phone. Of course, there is for example no option to connect headphones to listen to music regardless of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C price and availability

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is only available in one version. There are no different specifications or sizes, although it is possible to choose different colors for the bracelet. Its price is 159 HKD in Hong Kong, which have just been around 18 euros in Spain. However, this price may vary due to logistics, shipping costs, or international prices.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C

For the time being There is no news on his official arrival in Spain or other countries. Either way, it can probably be purchased without much hassle through stores such as Gearbest or AliExpress.

Source : Engadget