Year 2016: as Chavalier saw it.

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I’m getting old, that’s what the magpies in the corner of my eye tell me about, the autumn fluttering in my beard (and that they’re slowly getting there because my hair crown is already … khm .. not so youthful), but most of all it will be my tenth year in September 2017 ( then as an outsider) I started writing for SamaGame.

Year 2016: as Chavalier saw it

What was your best experience in 2016?

It was ten years ago this summer that fate had swept the maiden with whom I have been sharing my life ever since. Yet at the time, I was still stubborn about surpassing our previous records anyway, because I’m not the kind to take root for a long time. So he won, and as the years go by, my suspicion grows that we didn’t just stay together just because of the reception. A bag and a stain, eh? Compared to this, it is only an insignificant interlude that I was not finally forced to support the Dutch or the Germans in a world competition and that I returned to my hobby, fishing, which had been left unreasonably long. It turns off, relaxes and recharges more than anything in the world. But unfortunately the glass could only be half full.

What was your worst experience in 2016?

Well, a lot of things could be caught on by 2016, but the fact that it would have passed uneventfully is hardly over. I could mention what happened in the world, or the darkness in our heads and hearts, as others have before me, but what has worn me most is that in just a few months, our family has shrunk by two. First my grandmother and later my aunt left. Neither was unexpected, we could have prepared for both, but that doesn’t make the space they left behind.

Year 2016: as Chavalier saw it

What was your best GSO experience in 2016?

It’s been a long time since I connected to SamaGame Online on a daily basis, but I look up to it from time to time because I’m interested in what a view of it is from the print ivory. Has the community changed over the years, are there any other commentators I have been able to place in one of the pans of my moral balance by name? I’m just kidding, I love everyone equally.

What was your worst GSO experience in 2016?

Except who is not. He who lacks tolerance, compassion, and conviction that his opinion is the universal truth.

Year 2016: as Chavalier saw it

Which do you think is the worst game of 2016 and why?

I have too little free time to play with everything I care about. As a result, I consciously avoid everything that I can tell myself from the first frame that I will hardly like. On the other hand, I also occasionally succumb to group pressure and the occasional hypowave that sweeps through the editorial office. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have tried No Man’s Sky in my life, which was completely uninteresting from the moment it was announced. I have no idea if this is the worst game this year or not, but the fact is, this is the worst I’ve been lucky with. Leaving me around the fifth minute, I crashed through a well-disguised chimney into the cave system below, where I was chased by a crab, but when I scratched it out with great difficulty and dug a pedestal of a golden phallic symbol with the mining laser, it still proudly dares to dare. hanging in the air, I greeted the opportunity nicely.

Which do you think is the best game of 2016 and why?

Previously, I expected to run out of Uncharted 4, Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, Dishonored 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, as these six titles topped my personal waiting list. Then, to a greater or lesser extent, all but Nathan Drake’s swan song was disappointing. And I would certainly praise the game of Naughty Dog now if Tyranny doesn’t show up. I’ve been in love with role-playing games since I was able to try Eye of the Beholder with a dear friend sometime in the early ’90s. At the same time, I unspeakably hate the clichés that have merged with the genre, the heroes trying their luck as the youngest amnesia family with many children, the simplistic depiction of the evil world, the immeasurably narrow-minded, or immensely narrow-minded Tyranny is the opposite of everything and therefore remains the best and most memorable game of 2016 for me.

Year 2016: as Chavalier saw it

What was the best surprise of 2016?

While it’s seemingly unfortunate that most of the sequels released in 2016 performed worse during its premiere week, I still try to look on the good side. It seems that perhaps there are more conscious, thoughtful shoppers waiting for discounts and fewer fall for the honeycomb waving during pre-order promotions.

What surprises do you think are expected next year?

I am confident that publishers will recognize that buyers cannot continue to go stupid with impunity. I have no problem with a game being exclusive, but I deeply condemn it if certain parts of a given product are the ones, so anyone who pays the same but happens to prefer a different platform suffers a clear disadvantage. Similarly, I’m expecting a rethink of their DLC policy, with content coming in for full-price gaming software becoming more and more free. And while it didn’t impress me at all, I’m pushing for a Nintendo Switch, pushing for quality VR games, and praying that Microsoft won’t whitewash the Scorpio.

What do you expect from 2017?

The same as from 2016, or even earlier from 2015: always prettier and better. Because you’re in trouble with the world looking crazy or with me. And I feel all right with me.

Year 2016: as Chavalier saw it

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

Just to stand here in front of you a year later, staring at me and poking the floor with the toe of my shoes, spreading out my hands and admitting fragmentarily, have I failed? Again? Nana! I’m always determined to really get myself in shape next year so I can give up ten years (or at least ten pounds). But do you know what? I won’t wait until 2017, I’d rather start now.

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