Year Assessor 2017: as Kaci saw it.

The latest finisher of our usual annual appraiser is Kaci, who is no longer just a writer, but a video face, and of course a baron of broken New Year’s resolutions.

We’re trapping towards the end of the year, so you’ve read more and more of us already writing, but luckily (or unfortunately) we’re still just enough. Here’s Kaci, who delivers what’s best: promises.

Year Assessor 2017: as Kaci saw it

For me, writing an appraiser of the year always starts with looking up last year and finding that I have vowed a lot of things that have become nothing again. It’s not so much gas now, but more could have been done to make the world a better place.

Laziness is half health

Stakhanov has never been my middle name, but this year I got to the point where I practically have two states: “sleep is for the weak” or “sleeping for a week,” and which one comes up is almost impossible to predict. This is obviously due to the plethora of projects we have embarked on this year, the completely irregular biorhythm (sometimes due to these 2-3 hours of sleep or the breakfast we ate at four in the afternoon), and the sometimes it’s depression that scrubs the health threshold, which puts its stamp on the days that start to be productive. Fortunately, these are largely things that could be handled with proper leisure management and mastering the science of saying no, and I work on them. Then from tomorrow.

Year Assessor 2017: as Kaci saw it

YouTuber or Harry!

Last year, in my wildest dreams, I would not have thought that 2017 would open such doors for me. The SamaGame YouTube channel is building slowly but surely (we plan to be on the rise from now on) and we’re also meeting with daev sometime during the day to socialize with Fun With Geeks. Great strength comes with great responsibility and, of course, plenty of opportunities, so I can’t be thankful enough to the management for making this my year. I never thought I’d ever get to E3, for example, but this year I could have spent almost a full week in Los Angeles (say, I haven’t seen much of the city, but maybe next time), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Leipzig, Cologne, Brussels, London, Katowice, just a few of the cities I was able to get to as part of an event to be one of the first in the world to try out games, meet new people.

Even if I didn’t immediately become a world star, it feels amazingly good when you come over to a PlayIT to take a photo together or smile at someone on the bus after staring for half a minute and realizing, “Jaaaa, that’s the guy from that video! ” I have finally put together a combo streamer PC with all its accessories, and although I managed to jump into it in a mixed quantity and quality at the end of the year, I would definitely like to make a place in my life from the beginning of the year, because I really enjoy it and you seem to be quirky. onto (m).

Year Assessor 2017: as Kaci saw it

Emotional roller coaster for gaming

If I’m proud of something this year, it’s that I haven’t spent money on various discounts without reason. There were a couple of games that I bought quasi at the time of release and haven’t launched since (like Dishonored 2), or that I regretted right after the purchase (why did I need Getting Over It?), But the catalog of hundreds of games anyway I haven’t expanded on things I will never touch just to have. The list is still growing, which is still for the same reason: I’m infinitely competitive and I really enjoy playing with my friends. That’s why Rainbow Six: Siege and PUBG took up the most time again this year, but only because Destiny 2 came out relatively late. In the meantime, the Hellblade is still unstarted, and there are some games of a similar caliber that could be pushed through with a boost, but there isn’t a small number next to your name …

2017 was a year of disappointments for me in terms of gaming. I voted for a lot of games to be trusted on release, which were then ugly cast down and let down. Such were For Honor, which had been dying for months, the half-finished Wildlands, Telltale Games forcing the panty line Minecraft, the Need for Speed ​​Payback not worth a word, or Destiny 2, which made me cheeky, for which I bought Season Pass, but didn’t put it in for 20 hours. to the DLC, and frankly I don’t even feel like going back. There was huge potential in these games and developers, but carelessness and profit maximization dragged them so deep that it would be very difficult to cling back to.

Year Assessor 2017: as Kaci saw it

I bet I don’t eat fast food anymore … with chopsticks.

They say 2018 will be the year of the dog, but I don’t want a dog yet, I’m not ready for it yet. I would be much happier if it was 2018 Kaci’s year and I would be able to continue everything I started this year. I look forward to a successful year, both professionally and humanly and grammatically. If a video is being uploaded to the 100,000-game SamaGame YouTube channel on Christmas 2018 while my girlfriend is wrapping presents in the living room and we’re arguing about whether Detroit: Become Human or Anthem deserve a Game of the Year award, I’ll be content to sit back . My wishes last year were more or less fulfilled (although Ken Levine’s game didn’t arrive and I didn’t win the lottery, but I might have had to give up at least one coupon for that), so I’m confident the rate will be similarly good in a year’s time. . From here, I wish everyone a happy new year so ahead!


Posted by András Berze (@kacicsal) on Nov 23, 2017, 12:56 PM (PST time zone)

Year Assessor 2017: as Kaci saw it