Yesterday Origins – game review.

Currently, the adventure genre is experiencing a kind of renaissance and returns to favor even a slightly wider audience than it was a few years ago. Thanks to this trend, we can take a look at the promising game Yesterday Origins.

The above-mentioned title is (according to all encyclopedias) a sequel to Yesterday, released in 2012 for PCs and phones. Fortunately, due to the long period between the two productions, you don’t need to know “one” to enjoy Origins. So what is the new Spanish game about? Pendulo Studios?

Yesterday Origins – game review

We play the role of the eponymous John Yesterday, who is an immortal man who has lived since 1644. We start the game when the young man, known by another name, is captured by the Spanish inquisition (NOBODY expected) and thrown into prison on the charge of being the son of Satan. Of course, our task is to escape, in which we are helped by unknown individuals. As befits a point’n’click adventure game, we have to do it unravel a series of puzzles, logically come up with a plan of action and make it happen so that the fat guard doesn’t realize that we’ll be gone in a few moments.

After a successful mission, we get to know a hero in modern times, and then get caught up in a good intrigue. In order not to spoil too much, I will write a little around. Pendulo’s work takes us alternately in two different periods – the second half of the 17th centurywhen John was a mortal in the service of an occult order, and now, when he and his girlfriend trade in antiquities.

Yesterday Origins – game review

As the story progresses, we learn who John really is, why he is immortal, how history turned out thanks to him, why he knows every language of the universe, why he is haunted by nightmares and many other important information. The story is told in a really interesting way, and despite its predictability, the ending introduces a little surprise.

Skilfully built secrets from scratch are unfortunately fully unraveled, it’s a pity, because since everything is clearly stated, there is no room for such intriguing understatements and reflections. Therefore, right after the end of this story, I began to forget about it, it never crossed my mind. After such games, I expect an effect that will make me wonder for a few days what happened, why, how, why, what I missed along the way, and so on. This is missing here.

Yesterday Origins – game review

In terms of gameplay, it is a typical clicker – of course, in the case of PS4, it is adapted to raining. Each board consists of several static screens on which specific interactive points are placed. We can move around most of these rooms, so you have to literally lick the walls so you don’t miss anything. Interactions are broken down into several elements. The first are the characters you talk to and who we can “examine” to see someone with gold teeth, a wound on a leg or a torn habit. The second is exploring the environment and collecting information and items. Once we have everything, we enter the stage of combining the facts.

For example, in order to push the puzzles forward, you have to drop the topic of information obtained from another source in the conversation, then the character will give you something necessary for further development. We can combine more with this item, and something else will come out of them. Sometimes you even have to think about the order in which to connect them. Example: we have to steal gloves, to do this we have to distract the guard.

Yesterday Origins – game review

What we do? We have an arrow, a pebble, and a thread to connect, but in what order should this be done? You take an arrow, then a thread, then a stone – otherwise it won’t work, because the script will not recognize, for example, the connection: thread-arrow-pebble. Seems logical, but sometimes confusing. And in two boards, we can switch between characters, so you should think about what gadget the person will need for the current task.

There are a lot of characters in the game, but each of them contributes their three cents to the story, arouses some emotions and is remembered. In addition, their design is very eloquent and the appearance itself can show the personality of the character. The main bad guy looks sinister, the pig cable looks fat and tricky, and the Catholic fanatic follows stoic calm. The humor related to both history and the present day is also significant.

The most obvious joke from the “dark ages” is the parody of torturing animals by Catholics, because in the Middle Ages they were really imprisoned and tortured (mainly pigs) for sacrilege. In the first location Yesterday Origins We lie in the cell with a pig accused of the above-mentioned sin, or more specifically for eating a priest who has just received communion. A nearby executioner also tells of a case of torturing a termite, as well as another individual, to such an extent that he pleaded guilty. When it comes to the present day, the gags are about Facebook, social media, technology, fashion and politics. In one puzzle you need to compose a five-letter password that opens the Leonardo Da Vinci mechanism, and since I was struggling with it for quite a long time, I wrote it down for fun Trump. The game then wrote to me that “the devil should be cunning, not stupid.” Customs.

Yesterday Origins – game review

I mentioned that all locations are made of static images. Here it is worth praising the graphic designers Pendulobecause many of them are hand-painted, making them very aesthetic and simply beautiful. Central Park, a castle in Scotland, Paris, Amsterdam – all wonderfully drawn and using a minimum of power so that the game can run on multiple devices (mobile market). You can see it on the screens for yourselves.

Another great aspect Yesterday Origins there is fantastic music! For the first time in my life, my family asked me to play louder, because they wanted to listen to these beautiful melodies in the next room. Very atmospheric notes of medieval instruments go well with the riddles, it gets hard and serious in moments of terror, and when you need to, even redrawing the music is perfect. Sometimes the only problem is that it is too loud for dialogues, which makes them a bit difficult to understand. The creators also came up with the idea of ​​making the ambient sounds through the rain – a fire, a park, catacombs. At first, a bit irritating as through 50 minutes a sample of the fire rumbles under your breath, but after a while you get used to it.

Unfortunately, it was not without technical errors – especially at the end of the game. While the beginning is smooth, the last 4 hours are full of mishaps in translation (God instead of God, “Glass ball” instead of “Glass ball”), bouncing animations, glowing interactions and disappearing objects. But fortunately, this doesn’t prevent the game from completing.

Yesterday Origins – game review

The work of the Spaniards can definitely be recommended to fans of good humor and point’n’click adventure games, but unfortunately only to them. There’s no revolution here only safe standards, quite interesting, but unsatisfied story and puzzles. We are still far from the Lucas Arts level, but I believe in good development of the studio and their subsequent productions.