Nvidia is having a pretty busy CES 2017, with tons of introductions for its services, gadgets, and partnerships with automotive companies like Audi. The case at hand is the update of Nvidia Shield, which wants to be the ideal 4K content player, in addition to listening to us when we talk to it.

Possibly the most powerful and popular model with Android TVThis is why Nvidia and Google take the opportunity to introduce the new assistance system released by the Pixel phones. For those who are lost to comment that it is the voice assistant that we are going to have on the Android TV platform, the competition of Siri, Cortana or Alexa.

The purpose of this device is to become the best 4K content generator / streamer for the new TVs, since the same thing sends you video HDR at that resolution from services such as Netflix, Amazon or YouTube, which allows you to play what you have on your computer in that same quality.

Nvidia has created for the occasion an addition in the form of a microphone that responds to the name of Spot, from there we can call Google Assistant from different places, without having to be in front of Shield TV. They are all connected via WiFi. We can change the music that is being played with voice commands, or control compatible devices such as Samsung Smart Things.

One of the most interesting utilities of Shield is to be able to send Steam games that we have on the PC to the living room TV

The second generation of Nvidia Shield TV changes little else, in appearance it is a practically the same device, we can even say that internally there are few improvements in the hardware. There is not much information but they tell us what it is the same Tegra X1 chipset What’s inside.

Yes, what you see in the images is a new controller, well, more of a new design for the Nvidia Shield game controller. It is practically the same thing, with a much more angular design, as if it were built with polygons – it connects via Bluetooth -. This remote – and the other one seen in pictures – comes standard with the Shield, separately it costs $ 60.

How much does the new Shield cost? Well, in the United States it has a price of 199 dollars – available now -, while for the micro Spot they will ask for an additional 50 dollars and it will take longer to go on sale. The basic version comes with only 16GB, if you want 500GB you have to pay $ 300.

We will see the assistant on all the televisions and devices that have Android TV, it is something that Google wants to extend as a priority. It is currently only available on the aforementioned Pixel phones, and on the Google Home speaker.

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