Humanoids, aliens, cyborgs and so on: it’s already real; Amplitude Studios has announced that you can start booking from today ENDLESS™ Dungeon on Steam, the Epic Games Store and on Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

ENDLESS Dungeon is the upcoming rogue-like tactical action game from Amplitude Studios. A top-down twin-stick shooter spiced up with tower defense. Assemble a party of heroes and fight your way to the core. And don’t forget to protect the glass! You will need it to survive.

It will seem complicated, but you will feel a certain satisfaction each time you manage to advance a little further, unlock weapons and heroes and discover the secret of the “magic” that brings you to life again and again.

ENDLESS Dungeon will be available on May 18 on PC, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles. Pre-orders and the Nintendo Switch launch will take place at a later date.

Whether you’re a relentless PC gamer or a console aficionado, there’s enough ENDLESS for everyone! The digital and physical editions are available to pre-order via, with some fantastic pre-launch bonuses and additionally exclusive content available upon launch.

By pre-ordering the “Last Wish” digital edition of Endless Dungeon for PC and console, players will get early access to the game (48 hours before launch), exclusive digital items like the soundtrack featuring Lera Lynn and Arnaud Roy, an art book digital, the “Pioneer Elite” skin pack and much more. In addition, players who pre-order the “Last Wish” digital edition for PC will have access to the OpenDev “Final Rodeo” running through January 30, and the pre-launch closed beta.

For those looking for a physical version, there will be a Day One edition available while supplies last. It will include the physical version of the art book, the Crystal Search card game, and digital items such as the soundtrack and skin packs. Seems like a lot, right? You can choose the version you like best at Pre-ordering the physical edition will not grant access to OpenDev or Closed Beta or Early Access

Pre-order the “Last Wish Edition” on PC and get immediate access to the OpenDev “Final Rodeo”.

It’s time to test your skill in new environments and against other monsters! “OpenDev” (“Open Development”, open development) are scenarios that are released for a limited period before release, designed with specific objectives to gather feedback from the community to help improve the game.

This is our third OpenDev for ENDLESS™ Dungeon. It will be available until January 30. We’ve implemented some of your feedback on the first two, though we still have some pending.

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or it’s your first time, we look forward to your feedback so that we can improve the game from now until the day it launches on May 18.