If until very recently, in order to make calls, one needed their mobile phone to be able to make them, a new category has emerged within wearables, which are smart watches that do not require a connection to the mobile phone to be able to make them since they can be done directly from them. And among the multitude of brands that manufacture this type of smart watch, TenFifteen is perhaps the one with the best reputation for the quality of its products and its reasonable prices. Today I want to talk about the TenFifteen RX 9, a model that wants you to leave your mobile at home when you go out.

The need we have to live connected to each other and to be fully informed of the latest events has led us to live hanging from our mobile phones and their different instant messaging services. But, let’s face it, sometimes mobile phones are too heavy and too big to carry around every day and sometimes we want to leave it at home… but we don’t want to or can’t disconnect. This is where the smart watch comes in, such as the TenFifteen RX 9 model, which, thanks to allowing a SIM card to be inserted inside, will allow us to make and receive calls from the wearable itself without having to depend on whether we have our mobile with us or not. .

You no longer need your mobile to call thanks to the TenFifteen RX 9 smart watch

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But it not only allows us that, but it will also allow us to receive and answer text messages thanks to the use of a 1.54-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels that you can also use when doing sports thanks to its pedometer, which will calculate the distance you have walked.

The processor that this smart watch incorporates is, as usual in this range of wearables, a MediaTek MTK6261, a simple processor that has practically become the standard processor for this type of device due to the good performance it obtains for tasks that has to deal with in devices like this RX 9, and also because of its low power consumption. The manufacturer claims that the RX 9 has a 62h battery life thanks to the 280mAh battery that it incorporates inside.

The RAM that this RX 9 requires to work is not very high, having 32 MB at our disposal, as well as the internal storage that is also 32 MB. But the latter can be expanded up to 32 GB if we use a micro SD card in it. Why would we want to expand it? Well, to put music inside, that we can listen to when we walk down the street. Although if you do not want to take the music with you, another option is to synchronize it with our mobile device using the Bluetooth 3.0 network card that it incorporates.

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The TenFifteen RX 9 promises that we will no longer need to carry our mobile phone with us to carry out all the activities of our daily lives, ensuring our freedom from the hulk that is usually having to permanently carry a mobile phone with us. Taking into account that right now we can buy it at the ridiculous price of $19.99 in our friendly store at GearBest, isn’t that really enough to seriously think about it?