We are living at a unique moment in modern history and millions of people are confined to their homes in the vast majority of countries around the world. Pokémon GO knows how to deal with this current lockdown situation we live in, introducing some important novelties so that we can continue to play from home. Right now we can access the Poké stops closest to our house without having to travel, we can make remote forays and now we can win brunettes much more easily.

Until now, to get Pokemon we had to defend our team’s gyms, however,In the present situation, it is practically impossible. But thanks to the latest news from the latest Pokémon GO update, you can get coins much easier.

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Since most coaches play at home, the company decided that will reward you with Pokécoins for other activities in addition to defending the Gym. It looks like this update will arrive in Australia soon and will be rolled out to other users after this trial phase. Additionally, the maximum amount of Pokémon you can get in a day will be increased to 55.

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Pokécoins will be easier to obtain

Right now the only way to win Pokemon is to defend Gyms. But the company wants to find new ways to earn Pokémon by playing from one place. These are some of the daily activities we can do to earn coins, 5 for each activity we complete. It is possible that in the future new actions will be added, but in the initial phase these are the ones you can complete:

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  • Good launch
  • Evolve 1 Pokémon
  • Good launch
  • Use 1 berry to help you catch Pokémon
  • Get a snapshot of your partner
  • Catch 1 Pokémon
  • Give a Pokémon more power 1 time
  • Make a good pitch
  • Transfer a Pokémon
  • Win in 1 raid

At the initial launch in Australia, they’re hoping to get all the feedback and we’ll make further changes based on the results. In addition, Pokémon GO wanted thank all the coaches “for their constant support”, and they hope to bring this update to all coaches as soon as possible after testing is complete.

Source: Techradar