YouTube Music is getting an audio equalizer.

New version of YouTube Music is bringing audio equalizer to app users.

It’s been a little over two months since YouTube Premium and YouTube Music arrived in Brazil, the two new services have their differentials and are intended for different people.

As a newer service, YouTube Music still needs a lot of improvement to stand out among its competitors and Google has been slowly bringing news to users.

YouTube Music is getting an audio equalizer

The most recent New to YouTube Music is the arrival of the audio equalizer features, something essential for anyone who loves music, but that the app didn’t have until now and that many users were complaining that it was missing.

The equalizer is great for YouTube Music and its users, it allows you to make all kinds of adjustments manually the way you want, which will make your music the way you like it.

YouTube Music is getting an audio equalizer

In addition to the YouTube Music equalizer allowing manual adjustments, it also has some presets for the most popular musical styles, if the user doesn’t like any of them, he can create his own style and leave the sound of the songs in the best possible way for the your ears.

The novelty began to be released on YouTube Music in the most current version number 2.59, although it is not available to everyone at this time.

YouTube Music is getting an audio equalizer

The equalizer is being released through Google servers, this means that you don’t even need to update the YouTube Music app, but it also indicates that you will have to wait a few hours or days to get access to the new feature.

To access the equalizer, you need to enter YouTube Music, access settings and select the equalizer option, so you can make all the adjustments you think are necessary to improve the audio of the songs you are going to listen to.

YouTube Music is getting an audio equalizer

As we said, unfortunately the YouTube Music equalizer may not be available to you right now, but it shouldn’t be long before the feature becomes available to everyone.

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YouTube Music is getting an audio equalizer