YouTube has just introduced its new YouTube Premium. Is about a new streaming service to replace YouTube Red, with the difference that its price will go up to $ 12 and that it will be available in Spain and other countries that Red had not yet reached.

This new service will also focus on promoting YouTube’s own productions such as the successful ‘Cobra Kai’, the Karate Kid sequel series that, as we have been told in SamaGame, has managed to exceed the demand for series such as’ For thirteen reasons’ or ‘The Handmaid’s Tale ‘. What’s more, will also include a revamped YouTube Music that comes to replace the current YouTube Music and Google Play Music that included a single music service Reden.

Google begins to sort its confusing ecosystem

In 2015 YouTube introduced two new services creating a confusing ecosystem. On the one hand, they launched YouTube Red, a paid service to watch videos without ads that included Google Play Music to also compete with Spotify and Apple Music. And a month later they launched YouTube Music, which, being a competitor of Google Music, also stepped on part of the Red functions.

Now, it seems that the idea is that Google Play Music ends up disappearing as has already been rumored for a few weeks in favor of a renewed YouTube Music. This service will include the same functions as until now, but will add others such as custom playlists based on your YouTube history and usage patterns.

The service will be relaunched in the next few days with a price of 10 dollars after the trial period, and it should also end up replacing Google Play Music, whose disappearance has been rumored for weeks in favor of a new service that has ended up being this.

And then we have YouTube Premium, which for $ 12 a month will include YouTube Music, the ad-free YouTube experience, background plays, and an offline mode to download content. It will also give access to the YouTube Originals section, where we will be able to find “greater original series and movies”. Therefore, a new impetus for the company’s own productions.

The great novelty of this service is that it will soon reach other countries where YouTube Red was not available, which are Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. They also say they hope to add even more countries to the list in 2018.

This is how YouTube’s payment services will be

I am aware that all these intersecting names and services can be confusing, so let’s summarize how things turn out. If you want to enjoy Google’s new music service, YouTube Music, you will have to pay 10 dollars a month. At the moment, on the official website of the service they announce that changes are coming, but they do not say in which countries it will be available.

And if what you want is a service that in addition to music offers you YouTube without ads and original series produced by YouTube, you have YouTube Premium, which you will have to pay 12 dollars a month waiting for how much that ends up being in euros. Therefore, the difference between having only music and having music, series, downloads and videos without advertising is only 2 euros.