Yyria is a fan-made hero concept for Paladins.

We have another idea for you for a new character in Paladins – this time it’s a very interesting and refined concept of a supporting heroine who is an archer. Do you like Yyria?

The author of the concept is Alexis Pflaum. You can see the higher resolution drawings of Yyria here: click. On her profile on artstation you will also find e.g. sketches of the character we’re going to discuss, icons of her abilities in larger size or the initial concept of the next character invented by Alexis.

Yyria is a fan-made hero concept for Paladins

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Yyria, the Wispweaver


Yyria belongs to the support class. Health: 2400.

Yyria is a fan-made hero concept for Paladins
  • Bow of Destinies
    • Emissary of destiny from ancient times. Draw back the string and shoot it upwards, dealing 750 damage every 1.4 seconds.
  • Vengeance Arrow
    • Replaces your arrow with an arrow of vengeance that explodes when hit. Deals up to 500 damage while pushing enemies back and heals allies for 750 health.
  • Ethereal Leap
    • Jump in the direction you are moving, gaining 50% damage reduction for 1.5 seconds.
  • Wisps of Equilibrium
    • Sends Tranquil Wisp to an ally or Malevolent Wisp to an enemy. Tranquil Wisp heals an ally for 300 health over 10 seconds. Malevolent Wisp deals 80 damage per second and slows the target by 20% for 6 seconds. If targets are hit by the power of effects doubles for 2 seconds.
  • Spirit Shroud
    • Creates a magical barrier around itself that blocks enemy attacks from outside for 4 seconds. Enemies trapped in the barrier are pinned and take 200 damage per second, while allies inside the barrier heal for 30% of the damage they deal.
    • Shout: “I will weave our destiny!”

Additional skill information

  • Wisps of Equilibrium
    • The range of this skill is roughly the same as Jenos’ healing skill.
    • The beams travel to the target either from your bow or from a previous target. Their travel speed is similar to your bow shots.
    • Each beam has its own separate coldown (Tranquil – 1s; Malevolent – 8s).
    • The duration of Malevolent Wisp is affected by the Resilience item and has a minimum duration of 3s.
  • Ethereal Leap
    • Jump range is similar to Slither Mal’Damby.
    • It floats slightly in the air, does not move in a fixed straight line.
  • Vengeance Arrow
    • The damage, healing, and knockback area are smaller if the arrow wasn’t fully charged. The minimum effect is 50%.
  • Spirit Shroud
    • The barrier follows you around and is approximately 50% larger than Makoy’s shield.
    • The healing your allies receive from this skill counts as your healing in the stats, not theirs.
    • Skill cast time is 0.8 seconds.


Legendary Cards

  • Absolution
    • Vengeance Arrow grants allies CC immunity for 2 seconds and has a 2 second shorter cooldown.
  • benefit
    • Tranquil Wisp heals in an area around the target.
  • Fateful Hunters
    • Malevolent Wisp reveals the target, has a 3 second cooldown, and the target takes 30% more damage from your shots.


Yyria is a fan-made hero concept for Paladins
  • Weapon/armor
    • Heals for 15/30/45/60 health per second for each champion currently dead.
    • Increases your health by 50/100/150/200.
    • Gain 5/10/15/20% movement speed.
    • You cannot be slowed below 50/60/70/80% of your base movement speed.
  • Vengeance Arrow
    • Increases arrow knockback by 15/30/45/60%.
    • Increases arrow healing by 100/200/300/400.
    • Kills and takedowns reduce skill cooldowns by 0.5/1/1.5/2s.
    • Enemies hit by the arrow take 15/30/45/60% healing reduction for 2 seconds.
  • Ethereal Leap
    • Gain 10/20/30/40% movement speed for 2 seconds after the dash ends.
    • The ability heals you for 150/300/450/600 health.
    • Reduces skill cooldowns by 1/2/3/4s.
    • Increases jump distance by 16/32/48/64%.
  • Wisps of Equilibrium
    • Increases the duration of gunshot effects by 1/2/3/4s.
    • Kills and takedowns heal the target’s Tranquil Wisp for 140/280/420/560.
    • Increases firing range by 10/20/30/40%.
    • Target Malevolent Wisp deals 8/16/24/32% less damage.


In the far corners of the Kingdom there are places that have long lost their history. These regions hide many myths and secrets that are better left unknown. But one place, far removed from civilization, heralds the dawn of destiny.

For more than an eternity, Wispwood has served as a bridge between mortality and the other world. There is a temple from the ancient past where a race known as the Aurivar dealt with the wisps – primal entities that are as old as time. No one knows when the Aurivar made contact with the beams or why. The only thing outsiders know is that wherever there is great goodness or a vengeful villain, beams will appear there.

Yyria is a fan-made hero concept for Paladins

All signs of love or evil will be judged by beams, the virtuous will be blessed, the violent villains will be slain, and unlawful actions will be forgiven according to the will of these enigmatic entities. Those who gain their prosperity will be pardoned by Tranquil Wisp Ryalis for eternal peace of mind, while those who choose the path of evil will be haunted by Malevolent Wisp Zyrett to meet their end. Regardless of the solution, everyone is visited by these beams with the arrival of a mysterious hooded figure. The Arrow of Destiny, the Harbringer of Fates, the Weaver of the Wisps – wherever she appears, tyrants fall, nations are liberated and prophecies come true. The true motives of this figure and the divine beings she serves have forever remained a mystery, yet those who witnessed her presence are forever changed.

As the struggle in the Realm escalated with its greatest champions, the beams called the arrows one more time – to level the conflicting sides and leave a legacy of harmony. In a call for vengeance, Yyria responded.

“The beams have seen the destiny of the Kingdom. A destiny in which each of us participated in creation. I will ensure that it will come true and everyone will see the truth.”

Yyria is a fan-made hero concept for Paladins

What do you think about the idea of ​​such a support hero? Did you like her looks and skills? What do you think about its story? Write in the comments if you would like to play this character.