Zack Snyder shot out of DC when he wants to conquer theaters and HBO Max.


  • 6 films a year (4 in the cinema, 2 on HBO Max) plus optional series – this is DC Films’ plan to expand its superhero universe;
  • we also know that Batman, starring Robert Pattinson and Michael Keaton, will be part of it, as the multiverse will eventually be introduced;
  • The Justice League director’s cut will be Zack Snyder’s final film for DC – company boss Walter Hamad has no plans for him.

Walter Hamada, the head of DC Films, has recently revealed a lot (in an interview with The New York Times) about the future of the DC film universe. And although he is a very calm man and avoids the media, with his words he certainly positively surprised the fans, because it looks like we will receive a lot of new superhero productions, not only the cinema ones.

HBO Max will play an important role for the future of DC. Hamada admitted that before shooting each of the films, he wonders whether it will be possible to create a series of spin-offs on the basis of the above-mentioned streaming platform.. So this is another step towards the ramification of the distribution policy of high-budget works, which Marvel Studios is also following (recently boasted a lot of new TV projects).

Zack Snyder shot out of DC when he wants to conquer theaters and HBO Max

HBO Max will also directly feature full-length productions, which will not guarantee great box office success. Hamada mentions 2 such films a year, stressing that they will be much more risky and unusual comic book stories (backstage talks about Batgirl and Static Shock).

HBO Max will be key to the further development of the DC movie universe.

Zack Snyder shot out of DC when he wants to conquer theaters and HBO Max

When it comes to the annual average number of these top DC hits, there will be around 4 of them, and the fun will start in 2022. There is another one in the plans Wonder Woman from Patty Jenkins, the sequel Aquaman directed by James Wan, Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson and the long-awaited Flash.

This is also official news – let’s expect the multiverse phenomenon to be introduced. For now, it will be limited to two Earths – the base one (Earth 1) and the alternative one (Earth 2). Different actors will play the characters on each of them. Earth 1 consists mainly of characters already known to us, i.e. Henry Cavill’s Superman or Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. Earth 2, on the other hand, will be represented by, among others, Batman Robert Pattinson from the upcoming movie The Batman. In The Flash we will see yet another impersonator of the role of the bat-man known from the works of Tim Burton at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, i.e. Michael Keaton.

Zack Snyder shot out of DC when he wants to conquer theaters and HBO Max

The Multiverse is coming, and Michael Keaton’s Batman comes with him.

These plans look really ambitious and interesting – so we hope that most of them will actually be implemented. At the very end, however, it is worth mentioning one more decision by Hamada, which concerns the further participation of Zack Snyder in co-creating the DC universe. Director’s Cut Justice League will be his last project for DC FilmsMoreover, any extensions of the characters’ plots in this film will not be included by other creators in their creations. So it will rather be art for art and Snyder’s solemn farewell to the fans of the Justice League comic book. Why don’t we see this director anymore behind the camera of DC’s superhero productions? Well, Hamada simply stated that this is “a path to nowhere“.

Zack Snyder shot out of DC when he wants to conquer theaters and HBO Max
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