Zappy Boy – a meme so popular it made it into a book

Shadowlands will be the eighth addition to the iconic MMO in the Warcraft universe. We already know that this will be a memorable expansion that will introduce many new features. However, fans of Blizzard’s production have one more reason to be happy. Loved by players Zappy Boy found his way into the novel Shadows Rising. In the new book expanding the lore, Zekhan, because that’s the name of the lovable troll, is given an important mission to perform and plays a significant role in the events described. However, interestingly, one of the characters addresses Zekhan using nicknames invented by players. The book is now available for sale, but only in English. Currently, it is not known when the premiere of the Polish version will take place.


Zappy Boy became a meme shortly after the “Old Soldier” trailer came out, which was supposed to promote the 7th expansion of World of Warcraft. Zappy, an inconspicuous troll accompanying Saurfang, caught the attention of players and quickly won their hearts. On the day of the trailer’s release, an entry appeared on reddit: “Half-naked elves get thousands of upvotes, but how many will our blue boy get?”. The author of this post was the user Pac0theTac0 and probably did not expect how much confusion it would cause. Within seven hours the entry received 8.5 thousand upvotes. Today there are 18,000 of them. The memes multiplied and multiplied. In Battle for Azeroth, Zekhan plays a rather special role, but as former assistant community manager Caden House said, Blizzard did not expect such popularity of the troll (the original post was deleted, but traces of it remained on the fandmou page). Ultimately young the troll was even given a line of dialogue suggesting that memes exist in the world of Warcraft. Will there be more troll meme adventures in Shadowlands?

The appearance of the troll in the new novel is of great importance because it is another attempt improve Blizzard’s image and his relationship with players. After many scandals – incl. the banning of the Blitzchung player and the constant controversy related to Activision – the attitude of players towards the company has changed dramatically, which over the last few years has lost its popularity.

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