Zoom It is one of the companies that has benefited the most from the lockdown. They recognized this week during the presentation of the financial results: increased their income by 169%, despite privacy concerns.

To resolve these issues at Zoom, they announced a long time ago that They’ll offer end-to-end encryption on their service, but they won’t for free accounts.. This will facilitate possible investigations by security agencies and, according to experts, reduce abuse and illegal activity using the service.

A preventive measure against abuse

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, explained at the investor conference how the service prepares the possibility of encrypting And protect those video calls end-to-end, but not all users will be able to take advantage of this layer of security.

In fact, only paid users will have access to this option. Free video calls will still not be encrypted, allowing security agencies can take advantage of this in investigations If necessary.

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The decision may seem controversial, but Alex Stamos, ex-CSO (Chief Security Officer) of Facebook and now in that position at Zoom, explained how the decision was committed but necessary preserve safety “by reducing the human impact of product abuse”.

Stamos was referring to episodes like “zoombombs” which raised questions about Zoom’s safety. Many users take advantage of free accounts – which are often obtained with disposable email addresses – to harass or threaten other people.

At Zoom, they want to try to alleviate the problem and although Stamos assures that this is not a perfect solution, but “given that most damage comes from users with false identificationsThis will create friction and reduce this damage. ”